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Video Solutions Overview

Benefitfocus Media creates and delivers custom, cost-effective videos for your company, helping you communicate with employees and provide consistent benefits messaging.

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Open Enrollment Video Explainer

An Open Enrollment video can help communicate a large volume of information in a short amount of time, during one of the busiest times of the year.

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What is the Video Library?

The BENEFITFOCUS® Video Library can be used by insurance carriers, employers and brokers to help members understand the complexities of healthcare and benefits.

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Employer Client Examples

SAMBA Dental & Vision Plan

Samba selected Benefitfocus Media to create eight custom “Plan Information” videos. The not-for-profit association was looking for an attention-grabbing way to describe various benefit plans such as Health, Dental, Vision, Accident and Life. We used a story-telling type approach by mixing on-camera talent with animation to give an overview of each plan, while still communicating key details. This clip is taken from their Dental/Vision Plan video.

Emory Healthcare Plan Information

In 2012, Benefitfocus Media produced a whiteboard video series for Emory Healthcare including a video that compared the POS Medical Plan with the HSA Medical Plan. The videos proved to be effective and Emory Healthcare returned for a handful of additional videos in 2013 in the same whiteboard style. Here is a quick clip from a video that takes a look at their Rx, Dental, Vision and FSA benefits.

Under Armour Wellness

Under Armour returned to Benefitfocus Media in 2013 for three custom videos to explain various topics - Open Enrollment, 401k and Wellness. The company opted for natural light and multiple camera angles, so we used Under Armour products and branding to create a custom set and eye-catching typography. This clip is taken from their Wellness Video.

TEVA Benefit Introduction

Teva Pharmaceuticals is a top 10 global pharmaceutical company. Needing a way to communicate benefits to thousands of employees at various locations, Teva selected Benefitfocus Media to create five custom videos. The videos introduce employees to the company, benefit plans and rewards programs available to them. This clip is taken from their Benefits Introduction video.

SRA International Healthcare is Changing

In 2013, SRA wanted to be certain their employees had all of the information and tools necessary to lead healthy lifestyles, make informed benefit decisions and understand changes due to healthcare reform. Benefitfocus Media produced a series of seven videos that were released to employees on a weekly basis leading up to open enrollment. The series used a mix of on-camera talent and whiteboard animation to ensure key details would not go unnoticed. This clip is taken from a video titled “Healthcare is Changing.”

The Danone Company Open Enrollment

The Danone Company needed to communicate key benefits and wellness information to employees across various groups – Dannon, Stonyfield Organic, YoCrunch and Danone Waters of America. Two members of their benefits team joined us in the Benefitfocus Studio as the talent for their Open Enrollment video. The video combines vivid colors with clean graphics and keeps the copy generic enough to be applicable to all groups.

United Postal Service Annual Enrollment

In 2012, Benefitfocus Media produced an Open Enrollment video for UPS that educated employees on their health plan options and discussed key enrollment details. More than 30 thousand employees viewed the video in a matter of weeks. So, UPS returned to Benefitfocus Media again in 2013 to create two additional videos – a Pre Annual Enrollment Video and an Annual Enrollment Video. These simple, yet effective videos stay true to UPS branding and ensure employees get the information they need to make informed decisions.

AES Company New Hire

New Hires at AES now have clear, concise videos to break down all of their benefit options. The six videos Benefitfocus Media created for AES encourage employees to become “smart shoppers” by understanding all of the options available to them before making elections. The videos combine on-camera talent with a grocery store themed animation to make employees feel that shopping for benefits is as simple as shopping for groceries.

Insurance Carrier Client Examples

BCBSLA BlueSaver

BCBSLA wanted to ensure members were getting the most from their BlueSaver plan. Benefitfocus Media used a “board game” concept to engage members and explain key points of the plan. The information helped members learn how to pay less out-of-pocket. The result was higher satisfaction ratings among members.

BCBSLA Quality Blue Primary Care

BlueCross BlueShield of Louisiana partnered with Integrated Medical Processes and MD Datacor to create the Quality Blue Primary Care Program. The companies needed a way to break down high-level information in an engaging and easy to understand format. Benefitfocus used animation to simplify the program creating an extended version of the video for physicians to view and a shortened version for the general public. We also created a series of training videos for the program.

BCBSLA Retention Wizard Training

BCBSLA is a long-time client of Benefitfocus Media. Each year, we create multiple videos on various topics to suit their needs. The videos feature an array of styles – everything from on-camera talent with graphics to kinetic typography. This particular video uses a combination of animation and screen navigation to guide viewers step-by-step through software.

CareFirst Healthy Blue

CareFirst needed a brief overview video to highlight the HealthyBlue Advantage product for Employer prospects. Using a complex mix of live actors, photography and animation, Benefitfocus Media delivered a compelling 90-second video for CareFirst to use at the start of sales presentations.

CareFirst Medicare & You

Each year, Benefitfocus Media creates various videos for CareFirst including simple open enrollment and new hire videos to more complex animated videos. In this video titled “Medicare and You,” we utilize live actors and graphics to convey important information relating to Medicare.

BCNEPA Direct Essentials

Each person is unique and BCNEPA wanted to show that they have plans to fit every individual. Benefitfocus Media created a series of testimonial style videos for each NEPA plan. For example, one video featured an expecting mother in a nursery telling viewers why she chose the BCNEPA Direct Simplicity plan. In this video, a healthy young athlete explains why he chose the BCNEPA Direct Essentials plan.

BCBSKC Purchasing Insurance

The Benefitfocus Media team works with Blue KC annually to create videos featuring various topics – plan comparison, healthcare reform, wellness education and even holiday greetings.

This particular video proves that searching for a health insurance plan on the Blue KC website can be simple and rewarding. Instead of using screen navigation of the website, we created an animated video game theme to show that purchasing health insurance is a winning situation.

BCBSLA Getting Care Out-of-Area

BCBSLA needed to communicate to members how to access care when they are living and traveling outside of Louisiana. Benefitfocus Media created an animated travel scrapbook to explain the process. As the pages in the scrapbook turn, members learn how to save money by locating in-network providers and are also encouraged to use the mobile app.