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Benefitfocus 15 Year Anniversary

What is Benefitfocus Culture?

Life at Benefitfocus is a little bit different. We take pride in a culture based on respect, hard work, individuality, collaboration and fun. Our associates bring together different backgrounds, skills, experiences and personalities to create a community of enthusiasm and respect. Managers cultivate open door and service leadership philosophies. We’re excited about our work – and it shows.


We strive to keep the feel of a small company, where everyone counts and no acts of service go unnoticed. We make a point to throw office birthday parties complete with balloons and cupcakes and host annual Benefitfocus picnics for our teams and families. By creating a community environment, our associates become great friends and our business grows stronger. That’s what keeps us coming back everyday.


Our hard work and dedication to serving our customers and creating the absolute best technology platform for benefits shopping and management is why we come to work. Every department is a part of our product, and each is committed to the other. However, at the center of it all is the engineering department. Without our engineers, we wouldn’t be able to call ourselves a leading benefits management software company.

And they don’t go unrewarded. Upon the launch of new software, we organize one of our favorite things: release parties! Each release calls for a creative theme party for all associates, with titles in the past including Winter Wonderland, Margaritaville and even a Willy Wonka theme. On each occasion, we thank our engineers and technology team for a job well done and cheer them on towards the next success.


Since the beginning, we’ve believed that a great culture and the right environment brings out the best in individuals. We also believe in the old saying that when you work hard, you get to play hard. From our 10! Extravaganza when we commended our tenth anniversary, to field days that foster friendly competition, our culture means never having a dull moment and celebrating everything we can.

We also involve our families in our celebrations. We have seasonal activities and holiday parties. Halloween is one of our biggest with decorations galore for the kids and cookouts where bringing the entire family is encouraged. We know the importance of down time and by including those closest to us, we accomplish a work/life balance that most professionals rarely get to experience.


Our business is based on the Software as a Service (SaaS) model. That means that our help is anticipated and customer service is of the utmost importance. Our clients are so special to us that we also find time to educate and help them understand what they need to know to successfully manage their employees’ benefits.

An important part of our service is collaborating with our clients. At our One Place event, we announce our newest, cutting-edge technology and partnerships. We also host technology workshops, advisory groups and numerous client panels throughout the year. There is always a time to learn something new at Benefitfocus and we strive to keep our customers in the know.

To find out about our community outreach, check out our Giving page.


Upon arrival at Benefitfocus, you immediately sense our culture. Everyone is treated as an important member of the team. Without walls separating our workspaces, expressing our thoughts and sharing ideas freely is second nature.

Associates are encouraged to take part in many added incentives that increase their work morale. Chili cook offs, season tickets to area sporting events, walking the “Xtra Mile” once a month for a free catered lunch and decorating our desks to showcase our favorite things are just several ways we increase the feel-good vibe at Benefitfocus. We are all about making our workweek the best it can be. Who wouldn’t want an office where casual attire is welcomed and area food trucks visit weekly? We love it and know you will, too.

More Cowbell!

The cowbell is a staple on every Benefitfocus associate's desk. Whenever an associate finalizes a deal, gets promoted or shares exciting news of an engagement or new baby, everyone in the office rings a cowbell to offer their congratulations. In a way, the cowbell has become our mascot and together we continue to celebrate the culture of Benefitfocus.