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Winning With Culture

We created a way to celebrate our history and experiences so that all our associates understand what we are all about. We needed a way to capture all sorts of memories so that we could share the Benefitfocus story with everyone. As the idea began to grow, we realized we had enough crazy anecdotes, funny photos and inspiring customer testimonials to fill an entire book. So here you have it - Benefitfocus: Winning With Culture.

Once you have requested your complimentary copy of Benefitfocus: Winning with Culture, you will receive a confirmation email. Your request will be processed immediately. While you wait for your book to arrive, we’d love to hear your feedback and ideas on culture.

About the Book

As you walk through the doors at Benefitfocus, it's easy to get a sense of our culture. Every member of the team brings something important to the mix. Our culture is reflected in our work, and you can't help but notice it. To show you why we love coming to work everyday, we created Benefitfocus: Winning with Culture.

All the associate stories printed in the book are unedited, except for minor grammatical items. We wanted to ensure that everyone’s unique way of telling their story was preserved. We published every story we received in our open call for culture words and stories because we believe all sides of our culture should be shared.

Throughout the book you will see words and short phrases printed by themselves, such as “innovation”, “passionate” and “fun.” These words and phrases came directly from our associates, customers and partners. Most importantly, the book can function as a learning tool as we share key strategies and tips that you will find helpful in creating a great culture.

Our Core Values

At the foundation of our vibrant Benefitfocus culture are four core values. We print our core values on each associate’s badge. They are:

Provide Anticipatory Service – Our brand of even-better-than-great service. We strive to anticipate what the user or customer will want and have it waiting just when they need it.

Respect The Individual – A simple value that calls us to a higher view. We know that each person is equally unique and valuable. We respect that uniqueness and appreciate it.

Celebrate! – In a funny way, even we need to be reminded to celebrate. Stopping and ringing a bell, clapping, cheering or doing a silly dance is always needed when we have a major or minor success. Designing and engineering the world’s best software takes time and dedication. When we get a breakthrough, we like to take a moment to dance.

Together – Teamwork is applied to every project we take on, from technical challenges and exceeding the expectations of our clients to the events and parties we plan. It’s a reminder that we can solve the most complex of problems and always win when we work together.