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Extend the Power of the Platform with Apps

The availability of apps on the BENEFITFOCUS® Platform extends the value of Benefitfocus Technology for employers and employees. Apps are fully integrated with BENEFITFOCUS® Marketplace, so employees and HR teams can easily access apps from the same platform they are using to manage their benefits.

Benefitfocus apps are organized into the following categories:

Voluntary Benefits

Voluntary benefit apps integrate the sales channel for life, disability, critical illness and other products with an employer’s core medical enrollment process. This eliminates the extra steps that can deter employees from participating in voluntary benefits. By developing an app for Benefitfocus, these providers get the most out of existing technology investments while increasing participation rates:

Aflac App
Created by: Aflac

Provides one enrollment process for the entire employee benefits package. Coverage offered through the Aflac Benefits App includes Hospital Indemnity, Accident Advantage, Critical Illness, Whole Life, Term Life and Dental. Learn more

Allstate Benefits App
Created by: Allstate

Puts all benefits in one place, providing a convenient online marketplace for employee benefits. The Allstate Benefits App offers four products - Group Universal Life, Group Critical Illness, Group Accident, Group Cancer and Specified Disease. Learn more

ARAG Legal Insurance App
Created By: ARAG

Offer employees coverage for legal services through the ARAG Legal Insurance App. By interfacing with Benefitfocus Marketplace, the ARAG Legal Insurance app gives you a cost efficient way to offer a more competitive benefits package. Learn more

Colonial Life App
Created by: Colonial Life

Enhances employee benefit packages with a broad line of voluntary benefit products that complete coverage, making benefits count for employers and their employees alike. The Colonial Life App offers personal and group insurance products including disability, accident, life, cancer, critical illness and hospital confinement. Learn more

Humana App
Created by: Humana

Delivers an enhanced employee enrollment experience that drives increased participation in voluntary benefit programs by offering employees the opportunity to enroll in Humana voluntary benefits alongside their medical and other employer-sponsored plans. Learn more

InfoArmor App
Created by: InfoArmor

Monitors individuals’ risk of identity theft and tracks billions of data elements to detect fraud. Provides privacy management, identity protection and restoration services that give employees improved security and peace of mind. Learn more

Liberty Mutual App
Created by: Liberty Mutual

Provides employees the opportunity to enroll in voluntary benefits that are essential for almost every household. By incorporating the Liberty Mutual App into the Benefitfocus Marketplace portal, employers can offer employees exclusive savings for Liberty Mutual Auto and Home Insurance. Learn more

LifeLock App
Created by: LifeLock

Safeguard employees from identity theft and fraud. The LifeLock App integrates directly with Benefitfocus Marketplace, so your employees can elect to protect their identity at the same time they enroll in all of their other benefits. Learn more

Transamerica App
Created by: Transamerica

Allows employers to incorporate voluntary benefits options for life, accident and critical illness alongside their core medical benefits within Benefitfocus Marketplace. Learn more

Trustmark App
Created by: Trustmark

Simplifies voluntary benefit enrollment by offering all benefits in one place. The Trustmark App allows employers to supplement core coverage with voluntary benefits plans including Life Insurance, Critical Illness, Disability and Accident. Learn more

Unum App
Created by: Unum

Integrates enrollment technology from Unum with Benefitfocus Marketplace, so employees can enroll in all benefits in one place. Unum App products include MedSupport, Universal Life, Critical Illness, Short-Term Disability and Long Term-Care. Learn more

Veterinary Pet Insurance App
Created By: VPI

Allows employers to enhance their benefits package at no additional cost to the company. With the VPI App, employers can offer employees discounted premiums for pet insurance plans that cover accidents, illnesses and preventive care are available for dogs, cats, birds and exotic pets of all ages. Learn more

Voya Employee Benefits App
Created by: Voya Financial

The Voya Employee Benefits App offers enrollment for voluntary insurance products offered by Voya Employee Benefits alongside core medical and dental enrollment. Voluntary products offered through the Voya Benefits App include Accident, Critical Illness and Hospital Indemnity. Learn more

Health and Wellness

Whether they are corporate-wide programs or personalized health alerts, Health and Wellness Apps help employees take control of their health. Employers can select and turn on the apps they want to provide to their employees through Benefitfocus Marketplace:

Healthcare Bluebook
Created By: Healthcare Bluebook

Reduce healthcare costs for you and your employees while improving the quality of services. Healthcare Bluebook provides the tools your employees need to make better use of high value providers with their existing networks. Learn more

RedBrick Health
Created By: RedBrick Health

Improve the performance of your health and wellness initiatives. RedBrick Health integrates with Benefitfocus Marketplace to simplify the administration of wellness program while delivering a more engaging experience for your employees. Learn more

Sonic Boom Wellness App
Created by: Sonic Boom Wellness

The Sonic Boom Wellness App promotes workplace wellness to help cut corporate healthcare costs. By allowing employees to access wellness content libraries and participate in competitions with co-workers, Sonic Boom Wellness encourages employees to lead healthier lifestyles - even at work. Learn more

HR, Benefits Administration and Payroll

These apps provide expanded benefits administration capabilities and services to employers, offered in addition to the administrative capabilities that are native on the platform. By using these apps, employers can eliminate time-consuming processes for benefits administration:

Discovery Benefits App
Created by: Discovery Benefits

Discovery Benefits takes the hassle out of billing processes for employers. The app provides consolidated billing and self-billing available through Benefitfocus Marketplace, as well as a convenient online marketplace for Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA), Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRA), Health Savings Accounts (HSA), COBRA and transportation benefits. Learn more

Equifax ACA Management Platform
Created by: Equifax

Provides access to Equifax Workforce Solutions’ ACA Management Platform through Benefitfocus Marketplace, offering employers a comprehensive suite of tools for look-back administration, reporting and benefits administration. Learn more

Health E(fx) ACA Management and Compliance Platform
Created by: Health E(fx)

Automates all complex eligibility tracking, alerts, data audits and compliance reporting required by the ACA, while providing clarity, compliance and control through superior analytics tools. Learn more

HSA Bank App
Created by: HSA Bank

Adds more value to employee benefits packages, providing convenient access to Health Savings Accounts (HSA) without the need to fill out additional forms with the bank. Seamless data exchange between HSA Bank and Benefitfocus Marketplace allows employees to make initial HSA elections, check account balances and change the HSA contribution amounts. Learn more

PayFlex App
Created by: PayFlex

Offers employers a suite of account-based benefit options including HSAs, FSAs and HRAs as well as COBRA and Direct Billing administration within Benefitfocus Marketplace. With the PayFlex App, employers can provide employees more choice as well as a consistent and convenient enrollment experience for all of their benefits. Learn more

Created By: Replicon

Simplify attendance tracking with a centralized solution. Replicon TimeOff enables you to more efficiently manage your workforce, projects and time off liabilities, helping you minimize staffing costs. Learn more

Spectra Integration App
Created by: Spectra Integration

Provides fulfillment and printing services for benefits-related materials, from total compensation statements to open enrollment confirmation reports. Learn more

Created by: SuccessFactors

Delivers a full suite of cloud-based benefits, HR and talent management technology, giving employers an end-to-end HR solution from the leading provider of business execution software and a leading benefits technology company. Learn more

Thomsons Darwin
Created by: Thomsons Online Benefits

Provides employers using Benefitfocus Marketplace to manage employee benefits in the U.S. with the option to implement the global benefits management software, Thomsons Darwin to support benefits administration for global employees. Learn more

WageWorks App
Created by: WageWorks

Integrates with Benefitfocus Marketplace so employees can manage their Health Savings Account (HSA), Flexible Spending Account (FSA), Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) and commuter benefits in the same portal for a seamless experience. For COBRA and Direct Bill plans, the app can support union contracts, subsidies and customized letters. Learn more

WorkForce Software
Created by: WorkForce Software

Benefitfocus and WorkForce Software have teamed up to offer Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and Leave of Absence (LOA) Administration for users of Benefitfocus Marketplace. Learn more


HR administrators can help employees understand the complexities of healthcare and benefits with powerful communication tools including video and content libraries. Benefits communication apps are designed to help employers take full advantage of the powerful and interactive user experience of Benefitfocus Marketplace:

Total Compensation App
Created by: Brain Power Software

Improves employee education and retention, incorporating salary and benefit details in one total compensation statement so employees understand their company’s full financial commitment. Employees can access their total compensation statements online, through Benefitfocus Marketplace, at any time. Learn more

CodeBaby Intelligent Virtual Assistants
Created by: CodeBaby

Enhances the benefits shopping experience of Benefitfocus Marketplace Solutions. Incorporating CodeBaby’s Benefits Advisor into the enrollment process offers consumers convenient, on-demand decision support that can increase the enrollment completion rate and consumer satisfaction. Learn more

Financial Wellness App
Created by: Consolidated Credit Counseling Services

Provides free financial planning information and videos for employees, educating them on the skills necessary to live a financially secure lifestyle. Learn more

Video Library
Created by: Benefitfocus

Puts more than 300 ready-to-go videos at your fingertips. Explains a wide range of healthcare, HR and benefits topics in simple and accurate language. Learn more