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What is the Allstate Benefits App?

Allstate Benefits App

Allstate Benefits and Benefitfocus have partnered to provide the Allstate Benefits App through BENEFITFOCUS® Marketplace, a powerful web portal that revolutionizes benefit enrollment, communication and education. During One Place, Greg Guidos, Allstate Benefits President, discussed Allstate's business model and working with Benefitfocus to increase the distribution of their products. Allstate chose Benefitfocus to allow their clients to shop, enroll, manage and exchange their benefits information. As a result, Allstate has been able to double their participation rate.

Simplifying Employee Benefits Enrollment

The Allstate Benefits App puts all benefits in one place, providing a convenient online marketplace for employee benefits. With just a few clicks, employees can enroll in core benefits like medical and dental, as well as Allstate benefits. The Allstate Benefits App provides employees access to four products:

Instead of filling out a separate form or visiting multiple websites, employees select Allstate benefits on the BENEFITFOCUS® Platform, eliminating the tedious extra steps that can sometimes be obstacles to voluntary benefits participation. Once employees have completed their enrollment, they can access and print a consolidated benefit summary report that includes information about all benefits. This report is available directly from the employee confirmation screen.

How It Works

The app supports multiple models of enrollment based upon what is best for the employer and its workforce. The Allstate Benefits App supports several scenarios, including:

  • Allowing employees to shop and enroll online
  • Supporting telephonic enrollment
  • Giving benefits counselors tools to support their clients

Employers can:

  • Integrate core and voluntary benefit enrollment
  • Enhance employee benefits package
  • Reduce administrative burdens
  • Automate paycheck deduction calculations and integration with payroll systems

Employees can:

  • Manage all benefits in one place
  • Complete core and voluntary benefit enrollment in one seamless transaction
  • Make qualified life event changes online throughout the year

Enrollment Firms can:

  • Deliver a better user experience
  • Increase voluntary benefit participation rates
  • Provide a powerful leave behind solution for year-round benefits management

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