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Benefits for the workplace

One Place. 2014. Keynote Announcements

Benefits For The Whole Workforce

One Place. 2014. kicked off with the annual Keynote Address where Benefitfocus President and CEO Shawn Jenkins announced “Benefits for the Whole Workforce.” Speaking to Benefitfocus’ growing community of clients, partners and associates, Jenkins along with guest speakers unveiled seven themes and seven product-related announcements focused on simplifying benefits administration, reducing healthcare costs and improving the overall experience for consumers. The strategy behind Benefitfocus’ product roadmap is dynamic and continuously evolving to meet the growing demand for value-based benefits technology in both the employer and insurance carrier markets.

The announcements made during the 2014 Keynote Address are summarized below. You may also watch the Keynote Address replay to learn more about the essential Marketplace + Administration capabilities Benefitfocus is bringing to employers, insurance carriers and brokers.

HR InTouch Marketplace: The Whole Workforce Edition - Everyone is Eligible™

Benefitfocus HR INTOUCH MARKETPLACE®: The Whole Workforce Edition is designed with the underlying concept that everyone is eligible, connecting employees to benefits beyond employer-sponsored coverage including federally subsidized health plans. The Whole Workforce Edition enables employers to support enrollment in voluntary benefits and to configure employee-specific enrollment workflows for full-time, part-time and variable hour workers as well as retirees. Access to public exchanges is made possible through web service interfaces with Web-Based Entities (WBE), as well as through insurance carrier private marketplaces. The new edition will also feature a “Smart Welcome” home page that introduces the familiar online, guided shopping experience to help employees navigate the increasingly complex enrollment process. Additionally, retirees can shop for individual Medicare plans within HR InTouch Marketplace, finding the “best match” option based on preferred providers and pharmaceutical information. Learn more

Enhanced Benefits Administration

Benefitfocus launched a significant redesign of the benefits administration role within Benefitfocus Marketplace Solutions to provide administrators with a superior user experience through data visualization, information analysis and reporting dashboards. The elegant redesign offers a suite of user-friendly tools that are designed to control costs, facilitate ACA compliance and optimize plan performance, helping HR improve overall operational efficiency. With a responsive layout, administrators can access simplified workflows, personalized dashboards and employee management features from any web-enabled device to analyze enrollment data and other key information needed to steer their workforce in the right direction.

New Features:

  • App Launcher
  • Intelligent Navigation
  • Improved Task Management
  • Employee Profile with Preferred Communication
  • Employee Timeline
  • Data & Reporting Dashboard
  • Event-Driven Notifications

Personalized and Visual Communication Capabilities

Administrators can leverage data analysis and flexible reporting features to create targeted messaging that can assist in effectively communicating with a diverse workforce. Through the advanced search and filtering capabilities, administrators can personalize and deliver communication based on employee-specific details. In addition to receiving more personalized communication, new widgets are available to provide employees up to date information about their benefits, including their benefit elections and eligibility status as well as information from our partner systems such as HSA balances. As part of these enhanced communication capabilities, administrators can also design templates to create total compensation statements for employees, offering a consolidated view of all their benefits. Employers can customize and brand their portal, while creating content that helps employees learn more about their coverage and financial options as they enroll in their benefits.

New Features:

  • Smart Filtering
  • Universal Widget
  • Benefit Enrollment Widget
  • Page Design Editor
  • Content Library Additions
  • Self-Service Total Compensation Statement

Private Marketplaces for the Individual Market

With the individual mandate taking effect and the emergence of public exchanges, insurance carriers anticipate significant growth in the number of individuals shopping for insurance, many of whom will be eligible for federally subsidized coverage. BENEFITFOCUS® Marketplaces offers insurance carriers private exchange solutions that transmit data with public exchanges while also incorporating voluntary benefits enrollment. This data interface provides a consumer-friendly benefits shopping experience and creates new product distribution channels that are equipped with the administrative tools to serve the growing individual market. With Benefitfocus Marketplaces, insurance carriers can offer consumers the option to determine subsidy eligibility, compare plan options, estimate costs and apply subsidies to Qualified Health Plans (QHPs) from a single workflow.

Additionally, Benefitfocus Marketplaces can be designed and specifically architected to scale based on the needs of small, mid-sized and large employers. This offers insurance carriers a solution that incorporates the familiar online, guided shopping process for consumers and the necessary back-end administration capabilities needed to support the first sale, meaning new, renewal and off-cycle sales of group products – as well as employee shopping and enrollment management for new hires, life events and open enrollment. Learn more

Marketplaces: Consumer Billing & Payment

Paying bills online has become increasingly popular among today’s consumers and provides a key engagement point for insurance carriers to interact with their customers. Benefitfocus eBilling creates a consumer-centric online payment experience that is designed with a sleek, responsive layout that allows insurance carriers to offer their members the ability to review and pay their bills from any web-enabled device. Consumers can schedule payments or set up recurring payments based on their preference. Additionally, eBilling can interact with the existing native mobile apps insurance carriers may already have in place to support their customers. This interaction allows eBilling to align with an insurance carrier’s mobile strategy whether it is responsive web design or native app interaction. Learn more

New Features:

  • Interfaces with Public Exchanges
  • Subsidy Estimation
  • Subsidized Shopping
  • Metal Level Designation & Filtering
  • Multi-Subscriber Households
  • Life-Event Change Shopping
  • Renewal Shopping
  • Demographic Changes
  • Public Marketplace Payment Redirect

Analytics for Plan Design & Cost Control

BENEFITFOCUS® Benefit Informatics provides analytics technology that allows companies to take full advantage of their eligibility, enrollment and claims data. New to the Benefit Informatics suite of tools is the Cost Share Estimator, a tool that allows employers to predict the direct cost of making plan design changes so that they can more effectively allocate budget and better serve the needs of their whole workforce. The application provides a work area to explore the cost distribution impacts of changes to coverage based on historical data, giving finance, HR and wellness teams the ability to look at the data for their whole workforce, compare scenarios and better evaluate different employee health & benefit programs. Learn more

New Features:

  • Cost Share Estimator
  • Biometric History
  • Document Manager
  • Hospital Admissions Report
  • Episode Timelines
  • Run Now Function for Report Packages
  • Create Member Populations

HR InTouch Native Mobile App Enhancements

Mobile matters in today’s workforce, and Benefitfocus designs solutions that help employers keep employees engaged while providing the level of access and convenience consumers expect. With Benefitfocus HR INTOUCH® Mobile, employers can offer their employees convenient access to important benefits information on the go as well as the ability to upload benefit-related documents from their mobile device to sync with HR InTouch Marketplace. Employees can now provide their HR department the right information, right when administrators need to know it. The App and the ability to share information on the go facilitate better communication about benefits among employees and their dependents. Learn more

New Features:

  • Document Storage Center
  • Image Capture & Upload
  • Member/Group IDs
  • Profile Editing
  • Defined Contribution & Credits
  • Built-In Messaging
  • Push Notifications
  • Activation Code Reset
  • Single Sign-On Support

New to The Benefitfocus Ecosystem

Benefitfocus continues to develop strong relationships with other leaders in a variety of industries to deliver best-in-class applications to our customers. Each of these partners brings additional functionality to the BENEFITFOCUS® Platform, making workforce management easier for companies looking for domain expertise across a wide array of HR functions. In support of these and other collaborations, Benefitfocus plans to continue to invest in data exchange and API infrastructure, which will allow third parties and customers to build applications that work with the Benefitfocus Platform and create deeper interactions between systems.

The Benefitfocus Implementation Program and Benefitfocus University

The Benefitfocus Implementation Program will offer a collaborative and consultative approach for clients who are implementing our software through System Integrators. Benefitfocus University will provide a training and certification program for implementation program providers to be able to effectively manage a successful implementation of Benefitfocus software and services. Accenture, Deloitte Consulting, ROC Americas, HRchitect and Aasonn have joined the Benefitfocus Implementation Program and will begin training in 2014. Accenture will serve as the preferred integrator for the installation of Benefitfocus private insurance exchange solutions. In this role, Accenture will serve carriers, benefit consultants and employers in configuring and deploying Benefitfocus software.

Seamless Voluntary Benefit Enrollment

We have taken full advantage of Benefitfocus' meta-data driven architecture and the Dust framework to create the Voluntary Benefits App Version 4, providing a seamless and consistent user experience throughout the entire enrollment workflow. Building upon Version 3 functionality, which supports defined contributions and data exchange automation, Version 4 will allow for complex rules, rates and forms to be configured directly on the Benefitfocus Platform or delivered through a voluntary benefits partner system via automation. Learn more

Transamerica App

The Transamerica App allows employers to incorporate voluntary benefit options for life, accident and critical illness alongside their core medical benefits within HR InTouch Marketplace. Learn more


With a suite of services including HSAs, FSAs, HRAs, COBRA and Direct Billing administration, PayFlex will be able to transmit data directly with HR InTouch Marketplace.

WorkForce Software

Benefitfocus and WorkForce Software have teamed up to offer Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and Leave of Absence (LOA) Administration for users of HR InTouch Marketplace. Learn more