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Featured Product: HR InTouch Marketplace

Benefitfocus HR INTOUCH MARKETPLACE® provides a unique shopping experience for large employers, allowing them to present employees with all of the benefit plans they have chosen to offer in one cohesive, engaging workflow. HR InTouch Marketplace supports a variety of defined contribution options and features Guided Shopping, the Plan Shopping App and virtual assistants.

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Benefit Informatics

Benefit Informatics

  • Consolidate all data in one place
  • Evaluate benefits plan design
  • Monitor and forecast costs

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Custom Benefits Video

Media + Animation

  • Educate employees with video
  • Deliver consistent messaging
  • Provide a better understanding of benefits

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Benefitfocus HR Support Center

HR Support Center

  • Member support for benefits and enrollment
  • Administrative support for qualifying life events
  • Fulfillment services for mass mailings

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Featured Product: Benefitfocus Marketplaces

BENEFITFOCUS® Marketplace Solutions delivers the technology to manage a successful private insurance exchange, and incorporates Media + Animation to engage consumers and provide a more personalized benefits shopping experience.

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Insurance Enrollment Platform


  • Streamline the enrollment process
  • Enforce business rules at all levels
  • Provide effective decision support tools

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Benefitfocus Carrier Products - eBilling


  • Improve efficiency with online invoicing
  • Consolidate invoices for clients
  • Synchronize billing with enrollment

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Benefits EDI Platform


  • Automate transactions
  • Increase administrative efficiency
  • Ensure data is secure and accurate

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Automated Benefits Platform


  • Automate sales functionality
  • Simplify the pre-sales process
  • Streamline quote-to-card delivery processes

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Benefits Reporting Tool

Benefit Informatics

  • Provide seamless client analytics and reporting
  • Predict future risks and costs
  • Enhance access to multiple sources of data

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Customizable HR Video

Media + Animation

  • Effectively communicate with employers, brokers and consumers
  • Deliver consistent messaging
  • Provide consumers with a better understanding of their benefits

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