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Benefitfocus Employer Products


BENEFITFOCUS® Marketplace provides a unique shopping experience for large employers, allowing them to present employees with all of the benefit plans they have chosen to offer in one cohesive, engaging workflow. Benefitfocus Marketplace supports a variety of defined contribution options and features Guided Shopping, the Plan Shopping App and virtual assistants. Learn more

Communication Portal

Use the BENEFITFOCUS® Communication Portal to easily and effectively engage each employee with custom-tailored communication. You work hard to hire top talent. Make sure you keep it. Learn more

eBilling & Payment

BENEFITFOCUS® eBilling & Payment reconciles your enrollment and billing data, automates adjustments and provides flexible payment options for all benefits plans managed with the BENEFITFOCUS® Marketplace. Learn more

Core & Advanced Analytics

BENEFITFOCUS® Core & Advanced Analytics integrates hundreds of health data sources into a single data warehouse and provides online data analytics applications for employers, insurance carriers and all stakeholders in employee benefits to analyze, plan and monitor health costs and risks. Learn more

Video & Animation

BENEFITFOCUS® Video & Animation creates and delivers custom, cost-effective videos to help your company communicate with employees and provide consistent benefits education. Learn more

Benefitfocus Insurance Carrier Products

Large Employer Marketplace

BENEFITFOCUS® Large Employer Marketplace provides a private exchange platform that encourages employees to become responsible healthcare consumers, while helping employers manage the cost and risk of benefits. Learn more

Small Employer Marketplace

BENEFITFOCUS® Small Employer Marketplace allows you to transform your traditional enrollment process into a new selling platform model that provides small employer groups access to a wide array of cost-effective benefit options. Learn more

Individual Marketplace

BENEFITFOCUS® Individual Marketplace provides the private exchange platform you need to engage and convert shoppers in today’s consumer-driven healthcare environment. Learn more

Retiree Marketplace

BENEFITFOCUS® Retiree Marketplace provides a private exchange platform that offers individual retirees a simple, user-friendly plan shopping experience and gives employers an easy off-ramp for their retirees. Learn more


Benefitfocus eEnrollment allows members to access and enroll in all types of benefits from one place, anytime. Learn more


Benefitfocus eBilling supports online invoicing and is designed specifically to eliminate excessive lag time, cost and inefficiencies. Learn more


Benefitfocus eExchange uses a one-to-many model to seamlessly transmit benefit enrollment data from employers to insurance carrier membership systems. Learn more


Benefitfocus eSales provides sales automation functionality along with tools for insurance carriers to simplify the pre-sales process, managing the steps necessary to take an employer from quote-to-live. Learn more

Core & Advanced Analytics

BENEFITFOCUS® Core & Advanced Analytics provides insurance carriers a proven data integration and analytics solution. Learn more

Video & Animation

BENEFITFOCUS® Video & Animation improves communication across multiple lines of business by creating custom, cost-effective videos that provide consistent messaging. Learn more

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