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Benefitfocus Marketplace - Private Exchange

A Benefits Enrollment Platform Employees Love

Simplify the enrollment process for employees and administrators

The increasing complexity of benefits packages leads to greater confusion for your employees and more work for you. Employees have too much information to sift through to make their elections. There are too many variables for you to keep track of to make sure each enrollment goes smoothly while also keeping an eye on the big picture. Eliminate the clutter to give employees an easier way to find the right information when they need it — without draining administrative resources—and gain the visibility necessary to continuously improve your benefits program. BENEFITFOCUS® Marketplace provides the tools you need to monitor every step in the benefits lifecycle, and enable HR management and employees to make smarter, more informed decisions.

Support Benefits for Your Whole Workforce

Benefitfocus Marketplace is a private exchange platform that enables you to support benefits for your whole workforce—from full-time and part-time employees to variable hour workers and retirees. Provide a single source for employees to shop for, and enroll in, core medical, dental and vision coverage as well as federally subsidized coverage and voluntary benefits.

Offer Simple Self-Service

Give your employees the direction they need to become responsible healthcare consumers. Automatically enforce eligibility rules to create a guided shopping experience that is personalized based on the employee’s specific scenario. With a powerful recommendation engine, the enrollment experience is transformed into a guided shopping workflow that delivers “Best Match” benefit plans and packages. Educational videos and engaging decision support features help employees navigate the enrollment process and arrive at their best-match plan.

Empower Employees with Data

Allow employees to estimate plan costs in real time based on demographics, national benchmark data and their expected usage. The BENEFITFOCUS® Plan Shopping App is a simple, yet powerful, decision support tool that integrates claims data into the shopping experience. Your employees make informed decisions based on past utilization and gain a better understanding of the value of their coverage beyond the price of the premium.

Simplify Administration & Compliance

Complete tasks efficiently while also keeping an eye on the big picture to continuously with a personalized dashboard that provides the information you need to streamline administration and continuously improve your benefits program. The Benefitfocus Marketplace automates data exchange with the multitude of systems required to accurately manage your benefits program, saving your team from time-consuming process and potentially costly errors. Simply log in, approve employee benefit elections and transmit in real time to your insurance carrier, payroll and HR systems.

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Visualize Your Benefits Data

Manage costs while meeting the needs of your employees by increasing visibility into enrollment data. View key elements of enrollment data in real time or compare information over a specific period to identify trends so you can design more effective plans and better control costs.

Data visualization and reporting dashboards allow employers to view:

  • Open enrollment progress
  • Plan participation
  • Employee benefit timelines with recent activity

Create Advanced Reports

Use your data to formulate effective strategies for compliance management and plan participation. The BENEFITFOCUS® Flexible Query Tool offers multiple options to generate queries and share reports by providing users with access to all of their groups’ benefit-related data.

  • Build, modify, save and schedule queries
  • View an employee record at any specific moment with point-in-time reporting
  • Apply various filters to capture the critical data points
  • Download reports via Excel, CSV and PDF

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