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Benefitfocus Marketplace

BENEFITFOCUS® Marketplace creates a full service private healthcare exchange that incorporates engaging educational tools throughout the plan shopping process to help members make informed choices in a consumer-centric environment for both group and individual markets.

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Support a Defined Contribution Model

Benefitfocus Marketplace supports defined contribution so employers can offer a variety of insurance products for their employees to choose from.

Cost estimators and plan comparison tools personalize the benefits shopping experience, helping consumers understand not only what they’re getting, but what to expect financially. As consumers shop and enroll in benefits, their virtual shopping cart tracks the allocation of employer-sponsored contributions and employee out-of-pocket costs.

The Consumer Market

Consumers shop and apply at their own pace in an easy, Q&A style format. Self-service features include decision support tools like out-of-pocket cost estimators, questionnaires and online videos. After selecting and applying for a plan, users manage their accounts online and can set up payment through several billing methods, including credit cards, auto-draft and PIN-less debit.

Manage a Marketplace

In addition to helping users find the right plans, the Benefitfocus Marketplace manages the intricate eligibility rules, rating criteria and data collection for multiple markets and products.

  • Filter plans using configurable pre-qualification data
  • Verify eligibility for public programs, premium tax credits or subsidies
  • Analyze consumer shopping habits
  • Enforce business rules at all levels
  • Integrate online billing

Benefitfocus Marketplace displays relevant and available plans to each individual based on eligibility rules. The private exchange marketplace offers support throughout the entire benefits lifecycle – from new enrollment to life events and renewals. All data is securely stored and managed in the Benefitfocus Cloud.

Federally Facilitated Marketplace (FFM) Integration

The Benefitfocus Marketplace supports FFM integration for individuals to determine subsidy eligibility while shopping within a private exchange marketplace as part of the CMS Issuer Direct Enrollment model. Consumers can interact with the Benefitfocus Marketplace and the FFM as part of new sales, life events and annual renewal periods.

Eligible individuals can shop and then apply subsidies to purchase FFM Qualified Health Plans within the private exchange marketplace. The integration includes 834, 999, 820 and web service integration with the FFM.

The Benefitfocus Marketplace also supports the FFM payment redirect, which allows insurance carriers to collect initial payments from consumers who shop and purchase their Qualified Health Plans directly from the FFM.

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