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Benefitfocus eEnrollment

Benefitfocus eEnrollment™ allows members to access and enroll in all types of benefits from one place, anytime. eEnrollment presents information in a way that is easy to understand, guiding members through the entire process with educational videos, plan comparison tools and additional decision support resources. With this online benefits enrollment platform, HR administrators, brokers and insurance carriers have access to a suite of tools to help them support members and manage the enrollment process.

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Manage Enrollment

Behind the user-friendly interface, eEnrollment enforces business rules and effective dates, eliminating the need to manually verify information. Group administrators simply log in and approve employee benefit elections.

eEnrollment streamlines the data exchange process so thousands of transactions can occur simultaneously and in real-time. With more than 900 data exchange connections, Benefitfocus can transmit information to almost every insurance carrier.

Member Self-Service

With eEnrollment’s self-service tool, members can easily enroll in their benefits online. The “One-Thought-Per-Screen” design makes it simple. They can compare plan options, access answers to frequently asked questions and watch videos to learn more about their benefits.

New Hires, Open Enrollment and Life Events

Benefitfocus eEnrollment is built with advanced technology to recognize each member’s specific scenario. Whether an employee is enrolling in benefits as a new hire, during an open enrollment period or making changes due to a life event, eEnrollment only presents the transactions that they need to complete.

  • Initial Enrollment: During the sales process, eEnrollment automatically calculates group numbers, finalizes benefit elections and sends the data to the insurance carriers’ membership systems.
  • New Hire Enrollment: New hires can enroll in benefits anytime during their initial enrollment period. eEnrollment calculates wait periods and effective dates automatically to ensure compliance with the group’s business rules.
  • Open Enrollment: eEnrollment simplifies open enrollment by providing tools that help employees move from one task to another, such as workflows and to-do lists, email reminders and a wide range of reports.
  • Life Events: Employees can make changes to their elections for specific reasons, such as a birth, marriage or military leave. eEnrollment calculates effective dates and helps employees understand what types of coverage changes are permitted with each type of life event.

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