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Benefitfocus Core & Advanced Analytics

Turn Healthcare Data Into Cost-Saving Action

Harness the power of your data to design more effective benefit programs

With claims and utilization data coming from multiple suppliers, it can be difficult to draw conclusions or identify trends in a timely manner. Quickly transform your health data into actionable information to determine healthcare cost drivers and control healthcare spend. Let data guide you in designing plans optimized for the needs of your business and workforce. BENEFITFOCUS® Core & Advanced Analytics gives you visibility into healthcare usage and expenditures to enable informed decision-making and effective planning.

Core Analytics

Core Analytics integrates a suite of advanced reporting tools with the BENEFITFOCUS® Marketplace to give you convenient access to the data you need to formulate strategies for cost control, compliance management and employee outreach.

Core Analytics Dashboard

View a snapshot of your health plan cost, enrollment and utilization along with key data regarding the health of your employees. Benchmark and trending data help you determine what actions you need to take to improve your health plan or employee healthcare behavior.

Member Claims Data

Integrate medical claim and prescription from multiple sources for use in the BENEFITFOCUS® Plan Shopping App so your employees can compare plan costs based on their historical health data and make more informed decisions.

Web Stats

Web Stats enables you to track and monitor employee engagement by capturing user activity data within the Benefitfocus Marketplace in real time, helping you make strategic communication and content decisions as well as review critical compliance information.

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics provides you access to more than 70 benefit analytics applications that enable you to drill down to diagnoses, procedure, provider or other plan details, helping you monitor plan activity throughout the year. Reports can be downloaded or shared via hyperlink across departments as well as externally with disease management, stop-loss/reinsurance, wellness vendors and other benefit stakeholders.

Analyze Member Health and Cost Drivers

Advanced Clinical Analysis provides clinical predictive modeling of plan and individual risks and costs using the renowned Johns Hopkins Adjusted Clinical Groups (ACG®) System.

  • Identify all members with chronic conditions
  • Recognize gaps in care
  • Produce risk scores and cost predictions
  • Calculate ROI of wellness and disease management vendors

Create “What if” Scenarios to Forecast Costs

Test different plan designs by creating “what if” scenarios. Change co-pay, deductibles, benefits, inflation, employee populations and other variables to compare these changes with actual claims data and produce valid model results.

Measure Plan Participation & Cost of Compliance

Use advanced reporting capabilities to monitor participation, track the financial impact of preventive screenings and predict future healthcare expenditures.

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