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HR InTouch Marketplace

HR InTouch Marketplace

Benefitfocus HR INTOUCH MARKETPLACE® is a cloud-based private exchange platform that allows large employers to present employees with all of the benefit plans they have chosen to offer in one cohesive, engaging workflow. The HR InTouch Marketplace private exchange platform supports a variety of defined contribution options and features Guided Shopping, the BENEFITFOCUS® Plan Shopping App and intelligent virtual assistants.

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HR InTouch Mobile - All Your Benefits. In Your Pocket.

Benefitfocus HR INTOUCH® Mobile is an extension of the cloud-based HR InTouch enrollment and benefits management portal. Developed as a native app for iOS and Android mobile devices, HR InTouch Mobile provides access to benefits information year-round and on the go, giving employees more visibility into their coverage.

HR InTouch Mobile allows employees to instantly retrieve pertinent details about their coverage. They can drill down by each plan option to see coverage levels, effective dates and co-pays as well as covered dependents and assigned beneficiary information. The summary display also includes all available benefits, giving employers another opportunity to remind their employees of the full value of their benefit offerings.

Manage Defined Contribution Plans

Offering a full-service private exchange platform, Benefitfocus HR InTouch Marketplace supports traditional, employer-sponsored enrollment, as well as defined contribution models. HR InTouch Marketplace allows you to set subsidy rules and definitions across your workforce so employees can shop for their benefits with employer-allocated funds.

If employees choose to go over their defined contribution and purchase more coverage on their own, they can easily view and pay their bills within HR InTouch Marketplace.

Create a Consumer-Centric Shopping Experience

Employees shopping for products may not have familiarity with their product offerings, or may be shopping on their own for the first time. Benefitfocus provides a Guided Shopping experience consisting of a series of questions to identify a set of products that meet the needs of the employee. This interview approach is designed to capture details in order to determine recommended “Best Matched” products.

HR InTouch Marketplace offers a single source for employees to easily shop, compare and enroll in coverage. An intuitive user interface makes shopping for benefits a simple, straightforward process by allowing employees to:

  • Compare insurance products side-by-side and quickly identify key differentiators
  • Estimate out-of-pocket costs with personalized decision support tools
  • Shop and enroll in benefits on a platform that offers an engaging, Guided Shopping experience
  • Receive recommendations for plan options based on a simple survey process

Enhance the Enrollment Experience

Most employees can't provide an accurate estimate of the total cost of benefits when asked. As employees shop on this private exchange platform, they can track their selected plans by adding them to a shopping cart that keeps a running tally of their defined contribution and out-of-pocket costs. With HR InTouch Marketplace, they can easily see and appreciate the contribution your company is making to their total compensation package.

With the help of intelligent virtual assistants, videos, personalized plan comparison tools and Guided Shopping, employers can offer convenient access to the decision support their employees need in today’s complex healthcare and benefits market.

Integrate Plan Comparison Tools

The BENEFITFOCUS® Plan Shopping App helps employees shop for medical plans and compare attributes based on coverage details, healthcare usage and estimated costs. The app provides benefits education and defines complex concepts - like deductibles, coinsurance and out-of-pocket maximums - helping employees understand the relationship between their healthcare usage and costs for different types of plans.

With the Plan Shopping App, employees can estimate out-of-pocket medical costs based on industry averages, company averages or their actual claims data. Plan costs are displayed in a user-friendly, side-by-side comparison and each plan shows a breakdown of estimated annual costs. The Plan Shopping App includes mobile access so employees can access it on the go using their smartphones or tablets.

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