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Benefitfocus HR InTouch Marketplace

Benefitfocus HR INTOUCH MARKETPLACE® is a cloud-based HR management portal that streamlines online enrollment, employee communication and benefits administration year-round. With the ability to support more than 100 types of benefits and enforce business rules at all levels, HR InTouch Marketplace is a private exchange platform that allows employers to present employees with the benefit plans for which they are eligible in one cohesive, engaging workflow.

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With more than 900 data exchange connections, the HR InTouch Marketplace private exchange platform facilitates connectivity and coordination among all systems required to accurately manage your benefits program, allowing HR administrators to:

  • Synchronize deductions with payroll systems
  • Transmit HSA, FSA and HRA information to banks and administrators
  • Reconcile billing and enrollment information in real-time

HR & Benefits Management

As an HR management portal, HR InTouch Marketplace provides a suite of tools designed to make benefits administration more efficient, while helping employers effectively communicate the value of the benefits they offer to employees. The benefits management tool simplifies tasks such as:

  • Adjustments for salary-based benefits
  • Configuring auto-enrollment options
  • Employee opt-out surveys and acknowledgement forms

HR InTouch Marketplace offers the flexibility to support traditional defined benefit enrollment as well as defined contribution models. For defined contribution models, the HR management portal allows you to set subsidy rules and definitions across your workforce so employees can shop and apply employer-allocated funds as they see fit.

Additionally, a suite of reporting and analytics tools is available within HR InTouch Marketplace for employers to leverage benefits enrollment, employee demographic and plan utilization data. By providing easy access to this information, employers can make strategic, data-driven decisions for compliance management and employee outreach.

Create a Consumer-Centric Shopping Experience

HR InTouch Marketplace makes shopping for healthcare and benefits like shopping for any other product online – informative and intuitive. As employees shop for benefits, a virtual shopping cart tracks their benefit elections and displays the distribution of costs.

User-friendly plan comparison tools and engaging decision support features are incorporated within the enrollment workflow to help employees understand the true value of their coverage beyond the price of the premium. The BENEFITFOCUS® Plan Shopping App allows employees to model plan costs in real-time based on demographics, national benchmark data and their expected usage. Through our Benefit Informatics offering, employers can integrate claims data into the Plan Shopping App, empowering employees to make more informed healthcare decisions that are based on their past utilization.

Enhance Employee Communication

The HR InTouch Marketplace private exchange platform gives your employees access to the information they need, at the moment they need it. An educational video library along with multimedia tools allow employers to provide clear, consistent communication that helps your employees fully understand and appreciate the benefits offered to them.

Advanced Branding

Advanced branding includes development by Benefitfocus User Interaction Engineers who will create
a theme and identity for the HR InTouch Marketplace portal that aligns with the employer’s brand and
culture. The marketplace can be specifically designed to incorporate a company's "style," including fonts,
colors, graphics and more.

Guided Shopping

As employers provide more choice in benefits, employees may require additional assistance during
the benefits shopping and enrollment processes. HR InTouch Marketplace offers a Guided Shopping
experience that consists of a series of predefined questions, capturing employee preference and
priorities to deliver a set of “best matched” plans and benefits packages. This interview approach
to personalizing the user experience allows employees to focus on the plans that meet their individual
needs. In addition, employees are able to filter and sort plans based on specific attributes.

Standard Intelligent Virtual Assistant Library

Employers can select from a standard library of intelligent virtual assistants within HR InTouch Marketplace
to help guide employees throughout the enrollment process. Conversational scripts are combined
with menu-driven options to direct users through predetermined paths based on their profile and
interaction within the marketplace, ensuring the user receives all necessary information that can help
them make more informed benefit decisions.

Self-Service Total Compensation Statement

Self-Service Total Compensation Statements provide the flexibility employers need to produce and
communicate the total value of their employees’ compensation package. Administrators can upload data
in a variety of formats including Excel and CSV to act as the data source for the statement. This can be
updated on a regular basis so employees have access to the latest available information. A project creator
allows administrators to easily configure Total Compensation Statements with images and messaging.

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