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Benefitfocus HR InTouch Marketplace

Benefitfocus HR INTOUCH MARKETPLACE® is a cloud-based HR management portal that streamlines online enrollment, employee communication and benefits administration year-round. With a configurable rules-based engine and the ability to support more than 100 types of benefits, HR InTouch Marketplace enables employers to offer a personalized benefits enrollment experience that helps employees find the right plans for their health and financial needs.

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HR InTouch Marketplace offers employers the opportunity to create a private health insurance exchange that supports benefits for their whole workforce, connecting employees to benefits options beyond employer-sponsored coverage including federally subsidized coverage and voluntary benefits.

Create a Consumer-Centric Shopping Experience

HR InTouch Marketplace makes shopping for healthcare and benefits like shopping for any other product online – informative and intuitive. A Smart Welcome screen presents relevant content based on the employee’s eligibility to begin the shopping process. A Guided Shopping workflow incorporates educational videos and decision support features to help employees focus on selecting the plans that best meet their health and financial needs.

The BENEFITFOCUS® Plan Shopping App allows employees to model plan costs in real-time based on demographics, national benchmark data and their expected usage. Through our Benefit Informatics offering, employers can integrate claims data into the Plan Shopping App, empowering employees to make healthcare decisions based on their past utilization while helping them understand the true value of their coverage beyond the price of the premium.


With more than 1,500 data exchange connections, the HR InTouch Marketplace portal facilitates connectivity and coordination among all systems required to accurately and efficiently manage your benefits program. This allows HR administrators to:

  • Synchronize deductions with payroll systems
  • Transmit HSA, FSA and HRA information to banks and administrators
  • Reconcile billing and enrollment information in real-time
  • Incorporate data from health & wellness programs

Streamline Benefits Management

As an HR management portal, HR InTouch Marketplace provides a suite of tools that allow administrators to prioritize and efficiently complete tasks while effectively communicating with employees. To-do lists provide administrators with immediate action items such as eligibility changes and life event approvals. Data visualization and reporting dashboards provide snapshots of open enrollment progress, plan participation and recent employee activity. By providing on demand access to this information, employers can make strategic decisions for compliance management, plan design and employee outreach.

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