The AI platform that powers our portfolio of solutions and services.

BenefitSAIGE is our real-time, data-driven AI engine—purpose built to engage every consumer, employer, broker and medical carrier with the actions, alerts and offers that are most important to them. The anatomy of BenefitSAIGE includes an analytics design lab, UX workbench tools and API connectors to power our entire application suite.

Empathy at Scale

BenefitSAIGE is always on and always working on behalf of the 25 million consumers on the platform. Our AI-driven consumer engagement applies machine learning, expert systems and BOT technology to put the best interest of each individual user at the center of each interaction.


The power to drive decisions.

Yes, we have data (3 petabytes of data to be precise). But what can all this data tell us? Our claims data means that we can help benefit administrators contain costs and build a better benefits strategy. Our enrollment data means that we can help sellers learn more about what’s driving consumer purchase decisions. And after 20 years of learning, our AI platform knows every one of our 25 million consumers and applies data to guide them to the protection they need at every stage of life. BenefitSAIGE Analytics packages this data to deliver insights through dashboards and reports across our full suite of solutions.

Benefitfocus BenefitSAIGE

The power to connect.

Seamless and secure data exchange is foundational to the benefits ecosystem and critical to the delivery of a trusted consumer experience. By leveraging a rich portfolio of integration technologies, BenefitSAIGE Connect automates data exchange across the ecosystem in near real time with greater ease and accuracy than ever before. This AI-enabled, service-oriented architecture cuts costs of custom integrations, enhances data quality and improves efficiency for all our customers.

HCM & Payroll API Integration

Payroll Deduction Management

Flexible File Interfaces

Real-time Dashboards

The power to enhance.

Purpose-built solutions require intuitive interfaces and workflow-driven experiences—and the ability to easily adapt to the next great idea. With BenefitSAIGE Workbench, our partners and associates can rapidly and easily modify and redesign the platform experience without the expertise or cost of specialized web development. With this highly dynamic UX design environment, we’re enabling faster product development, implementation and upgrades across the ecosystem.

Benefitfocus BenefitSAIGE Workbench

Configurable User Interface

Mobile-first Design

API-driven Workflow

Easily built with HTML, CSS & JS