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Connecting employers, brokers and insurance carriers on a single platform to provide greater choice and protection for consumers and their families.

Exclusive to the Benefitfocus Platform, BenefitsPlaceTM gives consumers access to a complete set of industry-leading, innovative benefit products for every aspect of their well-being within a user-friendly, insight-driven shopping experience.


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Supplement core medical coverage and improve access to affordable, high-quality care.

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Provide options to help consumers protect their income and save for the future.

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Round out coverage with products that tackle other sources of stress and anxiety.

When you're connected on a single platform, giving more has never been easier.

  • Employers
  • Productivity is backed by a happy, healthy workforce. Design your benefits package with industry-leading products that give employees peace of mind that they're in control of their physical, financial and emotional well-being.

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  • Brokers & Advisors
  • Work with our team of BenefitsPlace advisors to optimize your clients' benefits strategy with high-quality products, tailored communication and a world-class enrollment experience that showcases the value they're bringing to their employees.

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  • Carriers
  • Join the BenefitsPlace to offer your products within a seamless shopping experience to more than 20 million consumers. With proven integration standards and automated data exchange, BenefitsPlace products can be implemented faster and more accurately.

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