Do your benefit goals match your employees’ needs?

  • Provide my employees with access to affordable and quality health care while controlling health care costs for the company.

    • Affordability and quality matter to employees too...

    • 43% say they have difficulty affording their deductible.
    • 75% believe that keeping them healthy should be one of the top goals of an employer's benefits program.
    • 1 in 5 had difficulty paying their medical bill due to high health care costs.
    • Sources: KFF; One Medical; Aflac Workforces Report
    • Find health and wellness benefits to supplement your core medical plan.
  • Protect my employees' financial well-being, so they have peace of mind to be productive and retire on time.

    • Employees want and need financial help…

    • 57% are very or somewhat stressed about their financial wellness
    • 75% would pay their monthly bills or reduce their debt if they had extra cash.
    • 66% would struggle to pay a $1,000 expense.
    • Sources: Prudential; Aflac Workforces Report; Associated Press
    • Discover income protection benefits to help employees save for the future.
  • Differentiate my company as an employer of choice that attracts and retains talent by offering benefits that provide a better work-life balance.

    • Employees notice benefits that stand out…

    • 71% say they would leave their current employer for another job offering better benefits.
    • 33% believe their benefits are getting worse each year, while only 12% say they're getting better.
    • 94% want their employers to ensure their benefits offering has a meaningful impact on their quality of life.
    • Sources: One Medical; Randstad
    • Tailor your offerings to help your employees lead better lives.

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