August 15, 2018 | By Catie Grigsby

Employee retention is top of mind for the majority of HR teams as open positions begin to outnumber qualified candidates. And with slower-than-expected wage growth, companies have to step up their game to offer more of what employees want. Luckily, employees are looking for more than just what's in their paycheck—71 percent of employees say the would leave their current employer for another job offering better benefits.1

Sure, health, dental and vision are a good start to meeting employee expectations. However, you're likely limited in the choice you can provide across those plans. That's where voluntary benefits come in.

The voluntary benefits market has exploded with innovative products that give you an opportunity to really differentiate yourself as an employer of choice and provide the personalization employees are looking for in a benefits package.

And when you think about the top strategic goals employers typically have for their benefits program, you'll find they align with what matters to employees:

GOAL: Provide employees with access to affordable and quality health care while controlling health care costs for the company.

Three-quarters of employees agree that keeping them healthy should be one of the top goals of their employer's benefits program.2 And health care still ranks as the most important benefit in the eyes of workers.3 But as companies have responded to rising health care costs by increasing employee' out-of-pocket responsibility, health care less has become less affordable for employees. In fact, nearly 50 percent of employees say they have difficult affording their deductible.4