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10 Employee Benefits Blog Posts to Read Before 2018

The new year is right around the corner, so what better time to reflect on what's happened over the past 12 months. You've probably already started to see "best of" countdowns like our 2017's top five webinars on employee benefits

Now we're counting down the top 10 posts from the Benefitfocus Blog. With emerging trends, innovative strategies and best practices, we hope this best of list will help you prepare for an even more successful new year. Enjoy!

10. Open Enrollment Across America: Regional Benefit Superlatives 

Find out which parts of the country have the highest HDHP adoption, HSA contributions, voluntary benefit participation and more - based on data from the latest State of Employee Benefits report from Benefitfocus.

Get more region-specific benefits intel in the State of Employee Benefits 2017, Regional EditionAccess the full report here.

9. Employee Wellness Tips for a Prosperous and Productive New Year 

The entire definition of workplace wellness has evolved. Here are steps employers can take to evolve their wellness strategy and help employees make this year a prosperous and productive one.

8. OE 2018: 7-Steps to Communicating Benefits Like a Marketing Pro 

How do you successfully communicate benefits? Start by combining your HR expertise with marketing sophistication. 

Get your free guide to creating your own master communications plan here!

7. 3 Benefits Enrollment Horror Stories, and What HR Can Learn from Them 

Keep the benefits boogieman away from your employees with these valuable lessons on enrollment and communication.

6. Benefits Communication: Finding the Channels, Frequencies & Messages that Work

Find out how to write benefits and OE communication that drives action and determine the right channels for your workforce with top tips from your marketing peers.

5. Consumer-Driven Healthcare: Can Your Employees Afford It? 

The latest data from Benefitfocus reveals a meaningful relationship between employee salary and health plan selection.

Get more insight into employee benefit trends for the 2017 plan year. Click here to get your free copy of Benefitfocus' State of Employee Benefits 2017 report!

4. Attract & Retain: How to Become an Employer of Choice with Benefits 

When it comes to talent management, there’s no question a war is going on, and it’s only intensifying. Achieving status as an “employer of choice” is the holy grail for employers. But what does it take?

3. Dependent Eligibility Audits: 5 Tips for Getting Employees On Board 

To avoid any misplaced anxiety or resentment from your workforce, follow these five tips for making employees more comfortable with dependent audits.

2.  Voluntary Benefits Expanding Widely and Rapidly, Study Finds 

As group health plan costs increasingly shift to employees, voluntary benefits have seen a universal upsurge in availability among large employers.

1. 3 Reasons Your Employees Make Bad Decisions at Open Enrollment

Tailoring your open enrollment experience can help employees make more cost-effective benefits decisions. Here's why and how.


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