5 Ways to Mobilize Your Employee Benefits Communication

As tech-savvy consumers, we perform the daily transactions of our lives on our smartphones: we transfer funds, send emails and use social media to check in with friends and family. The use of smartphones makes previously everyday tasks seem archaic. Just think: sending a fax, using a digital camera to take pictures and even checking our watch for the time – we can now easily accomplish these tasks with a few taps on our smartphone.

Communicating benefit information to employees should not be any different. As technology continues to evolve, consider a benefit communication strategy that will reach your employees at their most commonly used point of contact: their smartphone.

Here is some food for thought, five ways to incorporate mobile technology into your employee benefit communication strategy:

  1. Allow employees to store benefit information in a secure smartphone app. Haven’t we all had the “I forgot my insurance information” moment at the Doctor’s office?
  2. Send automated reminders to complete important benefit information or communicate details like open enrollment dates to employee’s smartphones.
  3. Train employees and explain commonly misunderstood benefit terms with videos that can be easily viewed on a smartphone. Search your email inbox for the most common questions you receive – could this information be communicated through a video that your employees would be able watch on the go?
  4. Engage employees who may be more difficult to reach than those just outside your office door. Depending on your organization, you may have a large number of employees who work remotely or have a variable hour schedule. Ensure your employees have the benefit information they need at their fingertips.
  5. Increase participation in voluntary programs like wellness by “gamifying” employees’ experience using mobile technology.