7 Simple Milestones for Your Employee Benefits Program Communication

Open Enrollment: 7 Simple Milestones to Communicate Your Benefits Program

Summer has come to a close, and your employees have returned from vacation to settle back into their normal routines. Next up on the corporate agenda: open enrollment (OE). You've spent most of your time planning for this two-week period with high hopes that your employees don't procrastinate, or worse, ignore their responsibility to choose their benefits. It's up to you to prepare them for important benefit decisions and then drive them to act. But how do you spark their interest without a persuasive marketing background?

Have no fear. We have the tips and tricks to engage your employees before, during and after enrollment so they don't feel blindsided. Use the high-level schedule below to guide your OE communication plan:

4 WEEKS BEFORE: Send OE Campaign Kickoff Email to all eligible employees 

TIP: Introduce the theme of your OE and ask employees to login to review their current year elections, update personal information and communication preference, and download the mobile app.

3 WEEKS BEFORE: Send 2017 Benefits Overview Email & Mailer to all eligible employees

TIP: Highlight changes and new benefit options that will be available along with dates for OE, and encourage employees to review their options with their family.

2 WEEKS BEFORE: Send Year in Review Email to all enrolled employees from previous year

TIP: Encourage employees to review their utilization and claims to learn how they can potentially save money this year.

1 WEEK BEFORE: Lead up to OE with enrollment tips via email or text to all eligible employees

TIP: Plan a daily notification for this week with “how to” tips like using the cost estimator tool, taking advantage of employer-provided incentives such as HSA contributions, or filling coverage “gaps” with voluntary benefits.

OE WEEK 1: Send OE Start Day Email to all eligible employees

TIP: Include an incentive for employees who enroll by the end of the first week. (E.g. Enroll this week and enter to win a $100 gift card!)

OE WEEK 2: Send Enrollment Reminder via email or text to all eligible employees with incomplete enrollments

TIP: Create your message around the concept of what it means if they don’t enroll before the deadline. A soft warning may be what they need to take action!

1 WEEK AFTER: Send Open Enrollment Survey to all eligible employees

TIP: Ask employees about their enrollment experience and thoughts about their benefits plans to get feedback for planning next year’s OE.

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