The Art of Building a Customer Community - 3 Simple Steps That Are Deceptively Complex

Keys to Igniting the Power of a Customer Community

When a community comes together, it can be a powerful thing. There are numerous examples throughout history of communities that were built to positively influence society. At Benefitfocus, our customer community serves a similar purpose. By putting customers at the heart of everything we do, we are able to leverage the collective wisdom of a growing community of benefits professionals and direct it towards advancing the design, quality and delivery of Benefitfocus products and services.

Building a powerful customer community starts with establishing deeply rooted, long lasting relationships. These relationships are only possible if you have an in-depth understanding of your customers’ needs, expectations and goals. You can then develop a strategy for the design and delivery of products and services that consistently exceed their expectations. Creating community-driven innovation is an art form that is developed by combining three simple elements that are deceptively quite complex: communication, alignment and transparency. Here’s how we’re igniting the power of the Benefitfocus customer community in 2015.

Making communication a two-way street

Customer feedback is critical to our success. We want the members in our community to be as eager to engage with us as we are with them. By measuring our customers’ satisfaction and acting on their feedback, we are able to gain insight into how we can enhance our products to improve their lives and better serve their members. From advisory councils to virtual communities, to satisfaction surveys, we are opening up the communication channels and keeping the conversation going year-round across our customer community.

Using data-driven intuition to align priorities

The insights we gain from our customers directly impact our R&D decisions and priorities. Through One Place.365, our new virtual community, we have the ability to channel and mine our customers’ feedback to gather trends and patterns to proactively identify their needs. This collective knowledge is used to drive our product strategy, service delivery and engineering priorities, enabling us to make decisions that are most relevant and beneficial to our community.

Transparency across our operations

We want our customers to have complete transparency into what we’re working on and how their insights impact our decisions. We’ve taken this concept to a whole new level with closed-loop satisfaction surveys and action plans, One Place.365, and our new Customer at the Heart Command Center. Using One Place.365, our customers will have on-demand access to enhancement and release information and be able to interact directly with our support teams to manage cases and projects. Our new Customers at the Heart Command Center will be the central hub to monitor and track customer satisfaction, act on customer feedback from One Place.365, and drive solutions and priorities to help ensure we are delivering on our customer’s expectations.

These initiatives reflect how we are firmly placing customers at the heart of everything we do and investing in their success. As our community of customers continues to grow, we can fuel collaborative, data-driven decisions to enhance the benefits experience and deliver more value in a visible way.

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