Benefitfocus Teams Up With MIT To Drive Innovation in Benefits Technology

Benefitfocus Teams Up with MIT to Drive Innovation in Benefits Technology

As technology propels us forward with increasing speed, companies must commit to continuous learning. Benefitfocus has taken this commitment a step further by recently joining MIT’s Initiative on the Digital Economy (IDE).

The IDE, which is part of MIT’s Sloan School of Management, aims to address the impact of digital technologies on business, the economy and society. It dives headfirst into topics like new digital business models, big data, social influence and privacy.

Membership in the IDE is a natural fit for Benefitfocus. Our Chief Technology Officer, Jim Restivo, has been actively involved with MIT since he completed his graduate degree there in 1985. Jim regularly volunteers his time and expertise to MIT students and faculty.

Jim is pleased to have Benefitfocus join innovative, forward-thinking companies in this program. As one of the leading benefits technology companies in the world, Benefitfocus will gain immense value from its membership in the IDE.

“Benefitfocus is accelerating our digital transformation and we are making significant investments to advance our platform,” says Jim. “We continue to execute on our strategy and tackle innovation from all angles of our business. We’re thrilled with the opportunity for exponential learning and growth alongside technology leaders including Accenture, Amazon and Microsoft, among others.” 

The IDE hosts several events throughout the year, bringing together the world’s top minds to share their strategies and insights on the future of digital technology and its impact on society.

Research is another cornerstone component of the IDE. Membership gives Benefitfocus early exposure to cutting-edge studies and outcomes. Benefitfocus will also have the opportunity to partner with MIT on custom-designed research projects to help propel our company to new heights. Recorded seminars and other resources will also be available to educate and inspire all Benefitfocus associates.

One of the most exciting perks of IDE membership is the opportunity to collaborate with distinguished business thought leaders like Geoffrey Parker, a professor of engineering at Dartmouth College who also serves as a research fellow and scholar in the IDE. In 2016, he co-wrote the bestselling book, The Platform Revolution.

“Geoffrey recently came to speak with our associates here on campus at Benefitfocus and made a tremendous impact,” says Jim. “His ideas on technology and business strategy are transformative and revolutionary.”

As Benefitfocus embarks on a new journey with the IDE, we look forward to the opportunities this partnership will create for our associates to learn and for our customers to benefit from continued growth and innovation. And together, maybe we can all make the world a better place.

Jim explains, “There’s a lot of goodness that comes out of this. When we see data, we don’t see numbers and files. We see people. We’re making sure our customers and their families are protected with the right benefits. We’re improving peoples’ lives. If this partnership helps us improve how we help human beings, that’s what all of this means. That’s what matters.”

Learn more about Benefitfocus’ new IDE membership in this press release.