Benefits for a Diverse Workforce Part Three

Benefits for a Diverse Workforce – Part Three

In Part two, we discussed the importance of a personalized communication approach to engage a diverse, multigenerational workforce. Today, we’ll wrap the series up with a look at how you can empower employees to take greater ownership of their benefits.

Part Three – Use Intuitive Technology

Your employees are making mistakes… big ones. In fact, 42 percent of employees estimate that they waste up to $750 a year due to errors they make with their benefits. Why? Because benefits enrollment forms and HR processes in general are tedious and the software complex. There’s a better way. New benefits management technology can simplify the benefits process for you and your employees. It also helps employees get more value from their benefits.

A diverse workforce means a wide range of benefits literacy. It also means a wide range of computer literacy. For example, Baby Boomers may have developed a deep understanding of the ins and outs of health insurance, but may have little experience using online self-service platforms. Conversely, Millennials are most likely up to speed on all the latest tech trends and products, but could lack knowledge on financial protection benefits and how to identify the coverage they need.

When it comes to benefits technology, you need a solution designed for your entire workforce. Technology focused on the user experience – easy access, step-by-step enrollment and integrated decision support – empowers every worker to easily navigate the intricacies of benefits and make smart decisions. Consumer-centric plan shopping, multimedia communication and mobile accessibility can give your workforce an experience similar to that of popular online retailers. With technology that’s convenient and intuitive, employees are encouraged to interact with your benefits program, which allows them to derive more value and, ultimately, more satisfaction.


Benefits may never be considered fun, but they don’t have to be boring and arduous. Your employees shouldn’t dread enrollment or feel like it’s a hassle to keep up with their benefits information.

Adapting your benefits strategy to a diverse, multigenerational workforce – including easy-to-use technology, flexible options and tailored employee communication – can help boost engagement and improve talent retention. Every employee wants to feel valued, and with the right benefits management platform, making that happen can be just a few mouse clicks away.

Learn how you can re-energize your benefits program and enrollment process to satisfy the health and financial needs of your entire employee population.