Benefits for a Diverse Workforce Part 2

Benefits for a Diverse Workforce – Part Two

In the first of our three-part series, we discussed how a flexible benefits strategy, driven by data analytics, can provide options that meet the varied health and financial needs of your employee population. Now, let’s look at another step you can take that complements the first in your efforts to engage and retain a diverse, multigenerational workforce.

Part Two – Personalize Communication

If you’re like many benefits professionals, you often face the challenge of making sure employees understand the options available to them. When employees understand their benefits, they tend to get more value from them, make informed decisions and appreciate the value you’re providing. That’s why effective employee communication is so important. But, in looking at the diversity of today’s workforce, it’s clear that not every employee communicates in the same way.

Yet most companies seem to ignore this. An overwhelming majority of employers – nearly 90 percent – say they do not tailor their benefits communications for specific groups of employees. Instead, they rely heavily on one strategy and just hope the message is heard.

It’s important to consider a variety of communication styles and channels to reach employees. By making your message available in multiple formats, you can ensure you’re engaging your workers the way they want to be engaged. For instance, Baby Boomers may appreciate verbal, face-to-face communication about changes to their benefits, while Millennials may prefer email, text messages or online video guides.

New benefits management technologies enable you to personalize employee communications based on demographics and other data. These solutions can identify employee status updates, such as address changes, new job titles or significant life events. More importantly, the technology lets you automatically create personalized messages that notify employees of required actions and help them select the right benefits.

A well-thought-out, multichannel communication strategy can help everyone across your workforce better understand and take advantage of the company’s benefits investment.

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Next week, we’ll wrap up the series with a look at how to make it easy for all your employees to take more ownership of their benefits.