Top Employee Benefits Industry Webinars in 2018
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Top 10 Countdown: 2018 Benefits Industry Webinars

The past 12 months were eventful for the entire benefits industry, and we were here to cover those key moments, topics and trends through our webinars. From events like the midterm elections to emerging trends like the expansion of voluntary benefits, and evergreen topics like delivering a better open enrollment experience, we took a deep dive to help prepare you for a successful year.

Here’s a countdown of the top 10 audience-rated webinars from 2018:

10. Employee Benefits Barometer: Enrollment Insights to Forecast 2018
Dive into the data from the latest open enrollment research to discover key trends in employee benefits: plan design, participation and beyond. Watch now

9. Build a Benefits Communication Strategy Like a Marketing Pro
Get tips and tricks for defining and refining your benefits communication strategy from an experienced team of marketers and professional writers. Watch now

8. 3 M’s to Contain Health Care Costs: How Employers Can Measure, Manage and Ultimately Master the Cost Curve
Analytics gurus Phil Bruns and Rob Piazza discuss actions employers can take to measure, manage and ultimately master their health care costs – while also improving employee outcomes. Watch now

7. ACA Q&A: Midterm Election Aftermath
Hear from the experts on what else might be coming for health care policy in America—and the impact it would have on the world of employer-based insurance. Watch now

6. The Great Benefits Balancing Act: How Employers Can Find the Sweet Spot Between Employee Choice & Cost Control
Hear how new technology can help employers personalize their benefit offerings while keeping costs in check—and ultimately continue to attract and retain top talent. Watch now

5. Open Enrollment: The New Rules of Employee Engagement
Take a look at three simple steps for delivering a consumer-centric open enrollment experience, including how to incorporate new communication channels, personalize messaging and provide guidance employees need to make smarter benefit decisions. Watch now

4. Voluntary Benefits: Expanding Consumer Access and Convenience
Hear how employers, brokers and insurance carriers are collectively adopting a consumer mindset to deliver a seamless benefits shopping experience that guides employees to the right mix of coverage for every aspect of their health, wealth and lifestyle. Watch now

3. The Single Platform Advantage for Insurance Carriers
When you use multiple systems, technologies and distribution channels across different market segments, you risk diminishing levels of operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Find out how to support end-to-end benefits management for all of your groups on a single platform. Watch now

2. Build a Concrete Business Case for New Benefits Technology
Learn how to evaluate the needs of your current benefits strategy and the steps you can take to build a comprehensive, convincing business case for key stakeholders at your company. Watch now

1. Take a Tour of Benefitfocus Marketplace
What does a flexible, intuitive benefit administration system look like? Get an inside look at the technology platform designed to automate administration, reduce costs and deliver a better benefits experience for your employees. Watch now

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