Top Employee Benefits News of 2016

2016's Top Blog Posts for Employee Benefit Leaders

Need some light reading for the holidays?

Recently, we shared with you some of the top employee benefit news stories and webinars from the past year.

Continuing in that retrospective vein (it's only natural for this time of year, right?), we've put together a list of the most popular posts from the Benefitfocus Blog in 2016. As you wind down your year, we hope these provide some nice quick bursts of inspiration that you can carry into 2017 and use to enhance your benefits program and make your job easier.


Top 10 Benefitfocus Blog Posts of 2016

1. HSA: The Best Retirement Plan for Your Employees?

The unique tax benefits of HSAs can make them a powerful vehicle for retirement savings—if employees take advantage of them.

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2. 5 Open Enrollment Mistakes to Avoid

Take the lessons you learned from past open enrollments and turn them into strategies for success for the next year.

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3. Will Obamacare Be Trumped?

So what does a new presidential administration mean for the future of health care reform and employee benefits? 

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4. Enrollment Data Reveals Significant HDHP Adoption

We analyzed actual enrollment data for large employers offering at least one high-deductible health plan (HDHP) in addition to a traditional health plan. Here’s what we found...

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5. Is Your Benefits Program Ready for Generation Z?

As a new generation prepares to enter the workforce, here are some tips for communicating with these skeptical, thrifty, “social natives”. 

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6. Turning Data into Decisions for Employee Benefits

How you can harness your own data to drive positive change in your benefits program?

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7. Benefits Communication: 3 Things the Most Effective Emails Do

Here are three quick tips for creating powerful benefits communication to cut through the email clutter and drive employees to act.

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8. Active vs. Passive Enrollment: Did You Take the Right Path?

You've chosen your open enrollment strategy. Now, find out what it takes to make it successful for you and your employees.

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9. How to Put the "Fit" in Benefits

Minimize cases of costly over- or under-insurance through a benefits offering and communication strategy tailored to the unique needs of your workforce.

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10. Your 7-Step Guide to Branding Employee Benefits

A well-branded benefits program can be the difference between keeping or losing your best talent. Here's a list of branding best practices to help you nurture employee satisfaction and retention.

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