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The 10 Best Blog Posts to Improve Your 2019 Benefits Strategy

We’re quickly heading into a new year, so now is the time to reflect on the past 12 months and plan for an even more successful year ahead.  

We’ve created a "best of" countdown for our 2018 top 10 webinars for the benefits industry. Now, we're sharing the top posts from the Benefitfocus Blog that cover all the important topics, trends and insights from the past year.

From benefits communication to enrollment trends and more, take a look at the top 10 broken down by topic area:

Benefits Enrollment Data Insights

Open Enrollment Data Insight: 3 Key Themes for Benefit Professionals in 2018
Benefitfocus' 2018 State of Employee Benefits research points to benefit options, personalization and automated administration as key areas of focus for employers and their advisors.

Whatever Happened to HDHP Full Replacement?
Offering high-deductible health plans exclusively was once thought to be the future of employee benefit strategy. But for multiple reasons, that future has yet to arrive.

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Benefits Communication

3 Things Every Open Enrollment Communications Plan Should Include
Based on our experience and what we've learned from our customers, there are currently three primary communication channels that no open enrollment communications plan should be without today.

Why It’s Time to Put Social Media in Your Open Enrollment Strategy
Social media is a ubiquitous tool that breaks the generational divide. See why it's important (and how) to start incorporating this channel into your open enrollment communications strategy.

Find a comprehensive kit with tips, tools and templates for benefits communication.

Health Care Policy

Tax Reform: What Does it Mean for Employee Benefits?
Find out what is and is not changing for employer-sponsored benefits programs as well as the individual insurance market based on the final tax reform bill.

Is ACA Repeal Dead Following the Midterm Election?
Just two short years ago, the future of the ACA was in serious doubt. Now, with Democrats taking back control of the House of Representatives, Obamacare's status as the law of the land remains firm.

Health Plan Design

What the Employee Benefits Business Can Learn from the E-Commerce Revolution
As today's workers increasingly look for more expansive benefit packages, employers and their advisors can take a lesson from the retail industry to truly understand the power of diversification and choice.

Why Voluntary Benefits Play a Lead Role in Your Employee Retention Strategy
With slower than expected wage growth and rising health care costs, voluntary benefits have become a vital employee retention tool.

Cost Control

Data Analytics in Health Care and Benefits: Key Trends to Track in 2019
Benefitfocus senior vice president and data analytics expert Phil Bruns shares a few of the trends he's most excited to keep an eye on over the next year.

Tackling Health Care Costs in the Era of Abundance
The rise in choice and cost in employee benefits has resulted in a perfect storm for both employees and employers. Learn how smart employers are using their benefits data to tackle these issues.

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