Cancer Treatment Centers of America: Anticipatory Service

During Benefitfocus testimonial interviews, I always ask clients why they selected Benefitfocus. There are a plethora of reasons – the design of our software, industry leadership, brand customization, reporting capabilities…the list goes on! One theme I hear from every customer is that they connect with us culturally; that we share similar values.

Our core values are: Provide Anticipatory Service, Respect The Individual, Celebrate! and Together. They are printed on the back of each Benefitfocus associate’s badge. It’s a daily reminder of those fundamental parts of our culture.


Benefitfocus Core Values - Anticipatory Service


Recently, a few of us from the Benefitfocus Media team spent the day filming at Cancer Treatment Centers of America’s (CTCA) Western Regional Medical Center near Phoenix, Arizona. We had a great time learning more about our client’s incredible organization, touring the facilities and taking in the surrounding mountain views.


Mountain Views


While I was visiting CTCA, I had the opportunity to learn about their unique culture that centers on personalized, comprehensive patient care. I was also given a tour of the facilities, which included a room used for TomoTherapy® – an advanced radiation treatment technology. CTCA found that the most stressful time for patients before radiation treatment is from the time they walk in the door of the radiation room to the time where they lay down on the equipment. So in order to help their patients relax, an artist painted the entrance walls of the room in an eye-catching theme so that patients would focus on the art instead of their fear.

This room not only captures the essence of CTCA’s culture, it also reminds me of one of our core values at Benefitfocus: provide anticipatory service. Anticipatory service can take on many forms. It can be wall art, a glass of water, or a user-friendly platform. Regardless of its form, anticipatory service is knowing what someone needs and having it ready and waiting at the moment they need it.