Communicating About Open Enrollment

Benefits education is an effective way to boost workforce morale. According to TLNT, you can help ensure that your employees choose the best plans that work for them by following these eight principles:

  1. Use your expertise - Guide your employees to the right plan by identifying the right questions and directing them towards interactive tools.
  2. Simplify - Make the language simple with personalized information and few steps involved.
  3. Make help available - Open an email service, schedule face-to-face meetings or invite comments on your benefits blog to help your employees and answer questions.
  4. Open the process to families - Direct communication and information to family members involved and invite them in on the process.
  5. Integrate wellness - Address wellness in employee meetings and provide a health risk assessment as one of the steps to enrollment.
  6. Use social media - Integrate social media in order to connect employees, engage in conversation, bridge gaps in understanding and enable peer-to-peer recommendations.
  7. Enlist supporting players - Engage leaders, managers and peers to free up the time and resources necessary for annual enrollment.
  8. Continue past enrollment - Communicate year round to assist your employees and their families in making the most of their benefits.

How are you communicating with your employees about Open Enrollment?