Benefits Enrollment: Communicating Value Through Social

It’s never too late to prepare for your organization’s open enrollment period. Open enrollment (OE) refers to that brief span of time when employees must make their benefit choices for the coming year. Outside of the new hire or life event time period, this may be the only time when employees can make adjustments to their financial premiums and coverage levels. But, despite your best efforts to get the word out, there are always a percentage of employees who either forget to enroll in time, or they just struggle with the technology of choosing benefits online.

Fortunately, there is a free resource available to all benefit administrators that can streamline this process in a big way – and it’s right in front of you. We’re talking about the social networks where your company has a profile or presence.

Now, you are probably scratching your head wondering how your company Facebook page or Twitter account can become an open enrollment tool? Think about it from this perspective: technology has greatly enhanced multiple areas of benefit administration. Open enrollment requires the coordination of multiple layers of the organization, from the HR department to the Payroll and IT teams. By using Benefitfocus products, you have already gotten a handle on the tedious process of managing your employee benefit programs.

The right place for social networks within this scheme of things exists not in the way you administer benefits, but rather in the way you communicate the overall value of your open enrollment process. A vital aspect of this communication includes sharing information about how easy the online enrollment service is and the benefits you will offer. Using social networks makes good business sense when used in this manner. For example, you know your open enrollment period is coming up in a just a few months. Now is the time to develop a series of social media posts that address the importance of utilizing benefits to stay healthy – with information about how to log in to the benefits portal to learn more. The Benefitfocus Communication Portal is the perfect platform to integrate social networks and share information throughout the year.

As you create social network posts, emphasize that your organization supports healthy lifestyles and habits that can lead to greater workplace productivity and company-wide growth. Talk about the different benefit plans you will be offering this year, including medical savings and retirement plans. Remember, your job is to highlight the total compensation of your staff so that they understand how great it is to work for your organization. That can serve two purposes – greater participation in online enrollment and increased employee retention.

Consider using social networks to educate your employees on the ease in which they can log in and choose their benefits this year. Make social networking a part of your overall communication strategy, connecting with your people directly and often, when it comes to managing open enrollment.