Social Media: Communicating With Employees Year Round

The key to reminding employees about benefits is breaking information down into manageable amounts and using the right tools to communicate. The perfect method? Social media. Social media provides an outlet for simple, conversational and ongoing communication. The best recommended tools to use for benefits communication are:

  • Blogs - Blogs provide an easy way to create web content and self-publish information that your employees can access on a regular basis.
  • Microblogs - Microblogs, such as Twitter, allow you to post short updates and provide consistent, helpful reminders to employees.
  • Audio and video clips - Online downloadable audio and video clips can contain everything from quick monthly updates from supervisors covering business results to upcoming performance reviews.
  • Social networks - Social networks connect individuals with shared interests and activities and serve as powerful tools for distributing information and ideas.
  • User forums - User forums are moderated online discussions focused around a certain topic that can encourage employees to swap ideas and answer each other's questions.

How is your company utilizing social media when communicating with employees?