Cost-conscious Employee Benefit Choices Start With Communication

Employee benefits have a major impact on productivity. You want to be sure your employees are making the right choices to cover their healthcare and financial needs and you don’t want to break the bank. Encourage them to make smarter benefit choices with convenient access to personalized decision support tools and the right resources. The GEO Group, Inc. empowered its employees to take a step back and evaluate their personal health and financial requirements and select the most cost-effective coverage for their needs.

GEO has a large and geographically diverse workforce of 15,000 U.S. employees working in the company’s correctional facilities that are open around the clock – similar to a healthcare organization. Making sure their workforce is cared for so their operations can run 24/7 is a big responsibility for the benefits team. And it wasn’t easy when they relied on paper-based processes and communication. See how GEO combined online benefits education and the human touch to help its employees get the answers they needed about their coverage and make more informed decisions.

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