A Gift for the Holidays: Supporting Those in Our Community

At Benefitfocus, we have a longstanding tradition of active involvement in the community. It is entrenched in our culture and you will often find our associates at charitable races, working at food drives, volunteering at hospitals, or supporting another cause near to their heart.

In Charleston, one organization we work with is Healing Farms.Through its network of urban farms, Healing Farms offers programs that foster jobs for adults with intellectual disabilities. Winn and Mary Tutterow founded Healing Farms so that these young adults would have a chance to have a meaningful work experience after they left the organized setting of high school. The organization has adopted a PODs (People Overcoming Disabilities) system where a participant joins a group of three others with disabilities, a skilled leader and two to four volunteers with similar interests.


Benefitfocus - Healing Farms Salsa Giveaway


One of these PODs created Super Simple Salsa last year after a local garden center donated a few damaged tomato plants. Since those first few jars, the Healing Farms POD has produced thousands of jars that are sold locally and online.

On December 1, we gave a jar of the Super Simple Salsa to each of our associates in Charleston. At our other campuses, we did similar charitable giveaways to support those communities. It’s important to us that all of our associates, no matter where they’re located, know that we support them and their hometown organizations.

We are thrilled to support organizations that provide valuable services in the community and we invite you to share your time, talent or treasure with Healing Farms or a charitable organization in your local area.