HDHPs Becoming the Norm Across Top Industries
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HDHPs Becoming the Norm Across Top Industries, Study Finds

High-deductible health plans (HDHPs) are not the relative novelty they used to be.

A decade ago, only 5 percent of Americans had employer-based HDHPs, with PPOs and HMOs dominating the health insurance landscape. But as medical costs have continued to climb, more and more employers have turned to HDHPs as a way to help protect their bottom line.

In fact, three out of every five large employers (1,000+ employees) now offer their employees at least one HDHP, according to Benefitfocus' 2017 State of Employee Benefits research.

And employers of all types are getting on the bandwagon.

When we look at our 2017 State of Employee Benefits data by industry category, we see an HDHP offering surge in each of the four leading industries represented on the Benefitfocus Platform.


As you can see, education is the only industry with an HDHP offering rate of less than 50 percent. But when you consider that education's 44 percent HDHP offering rate in 2017 is essentially double what it was in 2016, it's clear that even the most traditional industries (with respect to benefits) are embracing HDHPs.

Here's a breakdown of the actual increases in HDHP offering rates* for each industry:

  • Education: +91%
  • Health Care: +37%
  • Manufacturing: +24%
  • Retail: +11%

That's some serious acceleration. 

Want to know what else has changed across top industries? Check out Benefitfocus' State of Employee Benefits 2017 - Industry Edition. Download your free copy here!

*Refers to percentage of employers offering at least one HDHP, either in addition to traditional health plans (PPO, HMO, etc.) or as an exclusive offering (aka "full replacement").