How Benefits Software Saves Time and Money

Is your organization looking for ways to offset the costs of benefit administration for the coming year? Finding ways to maintain healthcare coverage levels and encouraging employees to lead healthier lifestyles will be the two major strategies most businesses will be focused on. That’s where benefits software comes in as a solution.

There are several cost advantages to using benefits software to manage your benefits program. Primarily, using a software product to track all your benefits activity, enroll new employees and adapt quickly to changes in the insurance industry. Streamlining these processes will save time and ultimately, bottom line dollars.

When considering the value of benefits software, you may want to look at a few things.

First, how much time does your department spend every month dealing with benefit enrollment, payroll administration, insurance forms and claim updates? Chances are a central benefit software product could reduce much of this time – and that’s worth a lot! This is especially important if you are managing multiple carriers or large volume benefit campaigns.

Secondly, what is the cost to your company for large dollar medical claims that happen as a result of poor management of your employee wellness program? Does your premium rate seem to increase every year, seemingly out of control? These are aspects you can curb with a robust benefit administration system, such as Benefitfocus Marketplace, a complete benefits enrollment and communication portal.

Still not sure if a benefits software product can help your organization better manage its benefit administration to control costs? We’d like to encourage you to review some of the testimonials of Benefitfocus clients who have successfully utilized our key products to enhance their benefit programs and curb administrative costs. By combining the power of benefits administration, along with complimentary services and features, the solution for all your benefit challenges is right here.