How to Help Employees Realize the Value of Legal Insurance
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How to Help Employees Realize the Value of Legal Insurance

Getting married. Purchasing a home. Having children. Taking care of aging parents. Reaching retirement. These are common life events. They're also times when people may need or choose to use legal services.  

  • Getting married: Drafting wills and estate planning
  • Buying or selling a home: Navigating the red tape related to home purchases
  • Adoption/birth of a child: Overcoming legal hurdles to adopting; estate planning to care for family
  • Aging parents: Providing caregiver assistance, reviewing nursing home contracts and assigning power of attorney
  • Retirement: Updating estate planning documents and living wills

Outside of major life moments, there are also smaller (but still significant) events like dealing with ID theft or (unexpected) events like traffic violations that can cause financial issues as well as require the assistance of an attorney. In fact, three out of four Americans have experienced at least one legal issue in the past year.1

Not only may your employees experience legal issues every year, they may also feel stressed about not knowing where to turn, how to get started or the time commitment necessary to deal with a legal issue. An additional stress and what most people don't realize is how much those services will cost. For example, the typical out-of-pocket cost of legal services is $580 for a will, $1,450 for refinancing a home and anywhere from $580 to $1,160 for contesting a traffic ticket.2 And with 58 percent of Americans having less than $1,000 in savings,3 any legal matter they may face could strike a devastating blow to their finances, as well as to their well-being.

Employers offering legal services as part of a broader financial wellness program can help their employees address these stressors and alleviate a potentially burdensome situation. Employees can access these valuable services at a reasonable cost, too – only about $20 a month through payroll deduction, or $240 a year. To put that in perspective, consider the costs associated with the legal services mentioned above, or that the average cost of one hour of an attorney’s time is $338.4 Plus, employees who have legal insurance don't have to hesitate to ask or figure out where to turn for legal advice, helping them get ahead of potential issues. 

However, realizing the value of group legal insurance or services still requires employees to be properly aware of what's available. Here are two examples of marketing-inspired emails that are written with the intent to educate employees about legal benefits and get them to consider their personal need for these benefits.

Example 1

Subject Line: Legal Guidance Without Breaking the Bank 

Did you know that the average cost of one hour of an attorney’s time is over $300?

When a legal issue arises, you should have peace of mind knowing that you can access professional legal guidance without breaking the bank.

That’s why <COMPANY NAME> offers legal services as part of our employee benefits program. With easy sign-up and an affordable monthly premium set through payroll deduction, you can access a network of attorneys who can help you navigate a variety of situations that could grow into a significant legal or financial issue, such as buying a home or having your identity stolen.

See how legal assistance can help you protect against the financial and mental stress of complicated legal issues. Log into [enrollment platform] to learn more and enroll today!


Example 2

Subject Line: Legal assistance: You don’t have to go it alone...

From caring for aging parents to buying a home, life can get complicated--often more complicated than you expect.

You don’t have to go it alone. Legal assistance can provide a guard against the stress and financial burden that these types of issues can create.

Legal assistance offers: 

  • Access to a network of attorneys who can provide legal guidance before an issue arises  
  • Help with a variety of situations such as estate planning, drafting wills, navigating home purchases and providing caregiver assistance, among others
  • Document review and court representation

Log into [enrollment portal] today to learn more about legal assistance through <PLAN SPONSOR>, and see if it’s right for you! 

Life moments requiring legal assistance can arise at any time. As an employer, the great thing about legal services is that you can offer this benefit all 52 weeks of the year, as opposed to just during your annual open enrollment window. Finding a technology partner that supports year-round employee engagement with smart communication and decision support tools can enable you to maximize the impact these types of benefits can have for your workforce.

Schedule a consultation to find out more about how you can easily make legal services and other critical financial wellness products available to your employees today!


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