Artificial Intelligence Across HR & Benefits

HR Tech 2019 Recap: Artificial Intelligence Across HR & Benefits

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology was a hot topic at this year's HR Technology Conference. There were several sessions that discussed the application of AI across all disciplines of HR, including learning and development, talent management and employees benefits. It wasn't the AI you're imagining from the movies, but how we at Benefitfocus define AI as prioritizing empathy, kindness and practicality to help support employees. In other words, AI is putting the human back into technology to deliver a better employee experience and, ultimately, helping everyone work more efficiently.

Let's take employee benefits for example. Traditionally, employees only interact with their benefits once a year when they make selections during open enrollment. Most employees barely understand how each of their benefits align with their individual needs, much less how they can use them effectively. This can give benefit administrators a false sense of reality when looking at which benefits employees are choosing and using - that is, if they even actually have access to this data. And if they do have access to the data, the question becomes whether they have the tools or resources that can extract actionable insight from it. 

This is where the components of AI come together to create a more positive experience for all stakeholders.

AI creates a hyper-personalized benefits experience designed to help educate employees about options for their own physical, financial and emotional well-being:

  • AI enables automation by applying simple logic to present employees with health plans that are specific to their needs.
  • Machine learning then takes into account which health plan was chosen as well as employee and employer provided information to generate plan options based on other factors such as out-of-pocket expenses or family demographics.
  • Additional reach outs to employees are then triggered throughout the year based on such items as employee behavior or health claims throughout the year, driving smarter utilization.

AI enables employers to create administrative efficiencies and make data driven decisions for both their employees and their organization:

  • Anomalies in payroll deduction files can be discovered in seconds rather than spending extra time to find the outlier that is causing inaccurate reports.
  • Communication is automated to the right people at the right time based on eligibility and behavior. 
  • Actionable insights are delivered at the points of decision to help employers determine the path forward in designing benefits plans that match employee needs.

Ultimately, AI is transforming benefits from what was a passive, once-a-year event to a continuous, year-round experience that enables employers to build more meaningful connection with their workforce as it evolves. 

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