HR Technology Trends in the Workplace

The bi-annual SHRM survey, focusing on key issues impacting the workplace in future years, revealed that most HR professionals consider the rapid pace of change in technology as both a benefit and a concern for the operations of their organizations. One of the largest impacts from technological changes in the workplace was on the recruiting process. The survey revealed that more and more HR professionals are turning to e-recruiting technologies to improve job matching and search capacity. Even after an employee is hired, 52 percent of HR professionals said they are expanding the use of e-learning to train their workers on technology and other skills.

More statistics from the survey include the following:

  • Ninety one percent of HR professionals said the use of technology to eliminate geographic barriers has some level of strategic impact on their operations through video interviewing, conferencing and sourcing technology
  • Fifty one percent of HR professionals said they were expanding the use of technology-based employee and manager self-service applications
  • Fifty eight percent of organizations are updating technology use policies for employees by restricting them from using personal and non-business email or social networking sites

Many organizations are taking actions in response to technological trends and its impact on the workplace. How is your company shifting its operations to become more tech-savvy?