How BenefitSAIGE is Shaping Employee Benefits with AI
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Inside Look: How BenefitSAIGE is Shaping Employee Benefits with AI

If humans were able to perfect their judgement, would we need artificial intelligence (AI)? AI and machine learning have the innate value of being precise, accurate and fast without being influenced by external biases. AI doesn't factor in fear or social pressure. When AI generates a recommendation (or output), it doesn't factor in the personal impact or the impact to career or compensation because none of that applies. It’s the unbiased advice we want from our friends and family that is impossible to receive because they are human and therefore have biases. 

At its core, AI synthesizes an enormous number of data points to create an output of the most accurate answer possible with the data provided. We already see this in our everyday life. With facial recognition, it’s factoring in facial data points and making the best match to a person. In medicine, it’s generating the most likely diagnosis based on the medical data provided. At home, we can also experience it with AI assistants from Amazon and Google.

Now, we’re seeing what AI can do when embedded in employee benefits management software. No one wants to have too much coverage where they find themselves in a situation of waste, but they want to have enough coverage to avoid facing a health or financial conundrum. Yet, we know that the complexity of benefits can leave employees confused about the right decision to make, regardless of how much information we provide. The fear of buyer’s remorse runs deep, but AI helps to take that fear and confusion out of the decision making process.

Benefitfocus BenefitSAIGETM, the artificial intelligence engine powering the Benefitfocus Platform, does just that. With Recommendations powered by BenefitSAIGE, factors including historical and predictive data along with answers to a few questions are used to generate suggested products that can best meet a consumer’s needs and empower them to mitigate the risks of the unforeseeable future. BenefitSAIGE allows consumers to review unbiased recommendations and see the data – or the “why” – behind the suggestions before they select their benefits, including information such as how much can be put into an HSA to save on overall medical costs along with other BenefitSAIGE™ tips and plan highlights.

Consumers use more AI than they realize. While only 33 percent think they use AI-enabled technology, 77 percent actually use an AI-powered service or device.1 Benefitfocus takes a transparent approach so there is no confusion that AI is being used to produce suggestions. The data behind the suggestion is given in the experience so the consumer can make their final decision using the best data possible. As always, AI doesn’t make the decisions, humans make the ultimate choice.

Whether people know it or not, AI is used frequently in our everyday lives. Now, it’s powering a better benefits experience – one where consumers are able to feel more confident in their health and benefit choices knowing that the data-driven recommendations provided are based on lower total cost, risk exposure and savings potential.

Learn more about how you can enable a more intelligent benefits experience with AI. See Recommendations in action and then request a guided tour of the platform. 

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