Inspiring Better Benefits Decisions

The new eligibility requirements introduced by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) were enough to make benefit administrators cringe. Separating full-time from part-time employees was no longer the only distinction that needed to be made, administrators now have to look at who may be eligible for premium tax subsidies and whether or not they should also offer that group voluntary benefits. The Orlando-based Valencia College found themselves in this predicament with a 3,700-employee workforce consisting of several different eligibility categories. Employee communication and education strategies would also need to be revamped.

Moving to a cloud-based benefits solution gave Valencia the flexibility to create employee enrollment workflows based on specific eligibility rules, no matter how complex. Guided workflows powered by a recommendation engines help employees navigate enrollment and select the benefits that best match their individual needs. Instead of spending time entering data, Valencia can now put their benefits data to work for them with reporting dashboards that give them insight into open enrollment progress, plan participation and employee activity.

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