Making Benefits Management a Summer Breeze

Summer’s here, and the time is right… for making benefits administration even easier for our customers.

At Benefitfocus, we are continuously investing in our cloud-based technology and the success of our clients. With a quarterly release cycle that accounts for industry changes, new legislation and, most importantly, feedback from our customer community, we’re committed to delivering the latest and greatest technology on a consistent basis. Every enhancement we make serves to improve the way organizations manage benefits – streamlining administrative tasks, providing actionable data insight, and helping employees make smarter health and benefit decisions.

The 2015 Summer Release is one of our biggest ever, with 400 new features and enhancements designed to further optimize administrative efficiency and drive transparency in benefits programs. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Plan participation widget – Delivers straightforward insight – via advanced data visualization – into which employees enroll in which plans. Allows administrators to compare enrollment counts across plan years.
  • Benefit eligibility dashboard – Provides access to all benefits for which an employee is eligible (including coverage levels, rates, plan documents, dependency rules and more) and the ability to filter and drill down into information with intuitive navigation features.
  • Dependent & beneficiary summary – Enables administrators to easily view/update/add beneficiaries and dependents in just a few clicks.
  • Employee timeline – Provides visibility into an employee’s benefit status and history down to a particular point in time, with the option to compare and filter information.
  • Enhanced data & reporting dashboard – Allows administrators to download, delete or safely share standard reports with other administrators via the Data & Reporting dashboard.

We’re also excited to be launching an all-new customer engagement portal to take our customer service to new heights. The portal provides a collaborative online environment for customers to communicate with their Benefitfocus team, as well as other Benefitfocus customers. From document sharing and issue tracking to satisfaction surveys and discussion boards, the portal will help drive efficiency, transparency and innovation to help our customers get more out of their technology investment.

As with all of our software releases, these updates are available to our customers at no additional charge and with no need for installation. Platform users can opt in or out of features based on their needs and readiness. For more information on the Summer Release, or to learn more about the Benefitfocus Portfolio of Products & Services, please contact [email protected]