The Makings of a Modern HR & Benefits Leader

The Makings of a Modern HR & Benefits Leader

While some may fear that technological advancements will eliminate jobs, the reality is that technology redefines certain roles within the organization. New technology means new opportunity to grow capacity - working smarter, not harder. And as HR and benefit leaders, you're being asked to do more with less, so there is no better time to embrace the digital mindset.

Here are a couple ways you can make the transition to a digitally-minded leader that can pay dividends back to your organization:

Data-driven decisions

A recent study found that 76 percent of executives characterized as digital leaders report strong revenue and profit growth, compared to 55 percent of all other executives surveyed. So what makes the difference?

Data-driven decisions.

HR and benefit leaders that are moving to cloud-based platforms have the information and insight they need at their fingertips to make more informed decisions for their organizations - from staffing and payroll to health care. Selecting a platform that include analytics applications can help you not only identify where you're spending more money, but also opportunities to adjust things like benefit programs or scheduling in order to control costs in the future. 

Focus on employee experience 

Making people happy in the workplace is a key reason most of you got into your role as an HR and benefits leader. But there's so much more you can do now with technology to make that happen. And with employee retention as a top priority, you can't ignore the opportunities to improve employee engagement and satisfaction.

The biggest opportunity is likely with your benefits package, as 80 percent of employees agree that a well-communicated benefits package would make them less likely to leave their jobs. Benefits management platforms that are equipped with the ability to segment your employee groups based on attributes such as demographics, benefit elections or job level enable you to personalize your communication so that it's relevant and more meaningful to your target audience. Decision-support tools also play a major part in your employees' experience, as their benefit decisions have far-reaching impacts on both their personal and work lives.

But becoming a digital leader in your field isn't just about using any and all technology platforms. It's about evaluating your current processes and choosing a system that enables you to fill in the gaps, so you can can reach an optimized state of HR and benefits management and transition your programs from a budget expense to a value-add.

Get started today by evaluating where you are now as a benefits organization, and determine how to get where you want to go. Get your score and download your free roadmap.