More Choice: The Cost-Effective Way to Retain Top Talent

Benefits are becoming a major factor of overall employee satisfaction, productivity and retention, and the workforce is more diverse than ever. To be competitive in today’s economy, employers’ benefits packages must be designed to accommodate a diverse group of individuals with a wide array of needs. It’s important to take the time to ensure your organization is providing benefits that cater to the various lifestyles and scenarios of your employees. One cost-effective option to help ensure your employees get the protection and care they’re looking for is to provide access to a suite of voluntary benefits.

Offering non-traditional products & services like pet insurance, legal insurance and identity theft protection are low-cost ways to differentiate your organization and make your employees feel more valued. The more expansive your benefit offering, the more room there is for your employees to customize and take ownership of their packages, improving engagement & productivity while granting them access to essential protection services that help them reduce their out-of-pocket spending.

Listen to this podcast to learn more about key generational & situational differentiators in today’s workforce and how you can boost employee retention with voluntary benefits.