Most Wanted Employee Perks

It’s becoming more common for employers to offer perks and incentives to attract and retain young, innovative talent. From 70,000 square foot fitness centers to free dry cleaning services, companies offer job seekers a bevy of options to sway their final decisions. But which of these perks do employees- both current and future-want most? CareerBuilder sought to answer that question, surveying 3,900 full-time workers nationwide, and came up with a top 10 list of the most wanted employee perks. Here they are:

  1. Half-day Fridays – 40 percent
  2. On-site fitness center – 20 percent
  3. Ability to wear jeans – 18 percent
  4. Daily catered lunches – 17 percent
  5. Massages – 16 percent
  6. Nap room – 12 percent
  7. Rides to and from work – 12 percent
  8. Snack cart that comes around the office – 8 percent
  9. Private restroom – 7 percent
  10. On-site daycare – 6 percent

The survey also found that nearly one-third of employers (32 percent) reported loosing top performers at their organizations in 2012 and 39 percent are concerned that they’ll lose top talent in 2013. If you’re looking for increased employee productivity, improved morale and to attract/retain top talent, considering offering some or all of the perks listed above may give your company the advantage it needs.