Multiple Aspects of Human Capital Management Call for Multi-Cloud Ecosystems

There is a reason smartphones and tablets come with a standard set of apps as well as an app store that allow you to add functionality to your phone. The tools you need or find helpful may be completely different from what your neighbor needs. And the company that built the phone or tablet probably doesn’t want to get into the business of streaming online videos or creating its own social media platform. Connecting you to the tools and services that you already use is what makes the piece of technology so attractive.

There are a lot of aspects to human capital management (HCM), so having the same extensibility in your HR & benefits management software gives you the flexibility you need to create a better employee experience and help your organization succeed. If you’re relying on a single system to handle it all, you might find yourself in a “jack-of-all-trades, master of none” type situation that prevents you from being strategic in all areas. And managing disparate systems that are unable to speak to each other is absurdly inefficient – especially now with multi-cloud ecosystems that enable you to connect the systems of your choice so you can access all your data in one place.

We’ve embraced this collaborative approach at Benefitfocus by creating a cloud-based ecosystem. This approach lets you choose from best-in-class solutions and helps you better meet the needs of your workforce beyond healthcare - compliance, workforce planning, wellness and more. The underlying technology makes it easy for you to exchange data in a fast, accurate and secure way, so you won’t waste time reconciling information in spreadsheets. For employees, the benefits selection process follows the same workflow they already use.

This extensibility fosters new innovations where software providers work together to simplify the growing complexity of HR administration with specialized best-in-class solutions that complement one another. For example, in 2011 Benefitfocus began collaborating with SuccessFactors, an SAP company, to offer employers a better way to manage the employee lifecycle. BENEFITFOCUS® Marketplace integrates with SuccessFactors® Employee Central so companies can access their business intelligence and employment information from the same portal they use to manage all of their benefits and employee communication. Building on that relationship, SAP recently partnered with Benefitfocus to launch SAP U.S. Benefits Management by Benefitfocus. This cloud based solution complements SAP’s market-leading core HR and talent management solutions with year-round benefits enrollment and administration technology. Working together, SAP and Benefitfocus are making it easier for customers to enjoy an even more robust HCM suite that leverages the power of a multi-cloud ecosystem.

“It’s very important that our partners have strong strategic relationships, so we were delighted that Benefitfocus and SuccessFactors have an ongoing relationship,” said Trudie Diaz-Farmer, compensation and benefits manager for Triumph Foods – a client of SuccessFactors and Benefitfocus. “Their cooperation was essential for a smooth implementation of a new suite of best-in-class products that we selected.”

Learn how you can benefit from the agility of a multi-cloud ecosystem and build an end-to-end solution that is tailored to your needs.