Offer Meaningful Benefits to Attract Top Employees

Looking for Top Employees? Offer Meaningful Benefits.

A quick scan of the employment horizon in the United States shows what appears to be a job seeker’s market. There has been an uptick in job creation nationwide, and employers are placing more creative reward packages on the table as they compete for top young talent. But what does this job seeker’s market mean for you? Answer: Competition, and lots of it!

This year the market for recruiting top-tier employees is more competitive than it has been in nearly a decade. In fact, more than one third of all employers expect to add permanent, full-time employees this year—the most promising forecast since 2006.1

Offering a robust benefits package can give you the competitive edge you need to attract, engage and retain the cream of the crop. But to do that, you may want to take a fresh look at the benefits you’re offering—and their potential to truly impact your employees. Are you providing options that actually enhance your employees’ lives, or are you just simply filling in the benefit blanks?

Benefits with a Purpose 

Employees have full and often complex lives outside of work, with an array of medical matters, caregiving obligations, blended families and financial responsibilities to manage on a day-to-day basis. Employers that are attentive and acknowledge what’s important to employees in their personal lives can be better able to strengthen the employer-employee bond and nurture employee satisfaction. Research has shown that employees who feel that their employers acknowledge their personal and family priorities are often more productive at work.2

One way to showcase your understanding of employees’ needs is through offering meaningful benefits that:

  • Address and resolve physical, financial or personal challenges
  • Balance their personal well-being with workplace performance
  • Feature a useful design
  • Offer flexible access to coverage
  • Are easy to administer

Voluntary benefits are especially useful as a recruiting and retention tool, as they can address multiple areas of your employees’ busy lives and are often cost-effective to both you and your employees. Legal insurance, for example, typically features access to a network of attorneys who can help your employees navigate a variety of real-life situations that could grow into a significant legal or financial issue, such as a dispute with a home contractor, child custody during a divorce, or navigating all the red tape of buying a home. With an easy enrollment process, and an affordable monthly premium taken through set-it-and-forget-it payroll deduction, employees gain access to attorneys who can provide:

  • Legal guidance
  • Document reviews
  • Written letters on their behalf
  • Court representation
  • And more

Legal insurance is just one example of how great voluntary benefit options can show your employees that you care about their well-being. The keyword is options. Allow your employees to decide what’s meaningful to their unique situations, but make sure you place enough on the table. What’s a buffet that only serves liver pâté? When it comes to attracting the best and brightest, providing an array of meaningful voluntary benefits like legal insurance can help you gain a competitive edge at a time when you need it most.

Learn more about you can develop a voluntary benefits that fits the needs of your workforce. Contact the experts at the BENEFITFOCUS® Benefitstore today!

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