One Place 2018 Keynote Recap: Protecting Consumers at Every Stage of Life
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One Place 2018 Keynote Recap: Protecting Consumers at Every Stage of Life

Last year, more than two billion benefits-related transactions occurred across the Benefitfocus Platform.

And while others may see these transactions as simply a file being sent or an election being made, we see each of these as individual heartbeats. They represent a choice, a decision someone made to protect themselves and their family.

Whether it’s a carrier providing products, a broker recommending products to clients or an employer offering those products, everyone plays a role in providing for each of these heartbeats.

Consumers rely on getting the right information to help them make the right decisions. And every step of the benefits experience is vital to that notion—from their benefit choices, to the technology they use to access those benefits, to the education they receive on how to utilize their benefits and so much more.

Benefitfocus CEO Ray August laid out this key theme during the Keynote Address at One Place 2018.

“We have an unbelievable opportunity to take our community to the next level,” he stated. “Together, we can learn from each other to define what’s possible.”  

So, as we look at our investment plans here at Benefitfocus, this is what drives us. This feeds into what we have been focusing on and our priorities for the future. Let’s take a look. 

Serving the Benefits Consumer

As we consider how we work together and work individually across the benefits community, it all centers on how we serve the consumer. We must be agile to stay in lock-step with what they need as well as their demands of convenience and flexibility.

At Benefitfocus, we’re making shifts to connect with the consumer in order to deliver on this vision. Tom Dugan, vice president of product management, shared some of the key ways we’re doing this:

  1. Collecting consumer feedback through a variety of new research approaches and incorporating new listening posts so that we can continue to develop consumer-level improvements.
  2. Simplifying the enrollment experience for the consumer with things like enrollment workflow optimization, year-over-year compare providing consumers with a single page view of all of their current and future benefits side by side and a simplified beneficiary management experience.
  3. Creating a lifelong relationship with consumers to enable portability and a deeper understanding of their benefits through every stage of life.  

The Launch of Benefitfocus BENEFITSPLACE™

We’re imagining a world where consumers have access to the platform, products and solutions that make it easy for them to understand, elect and manage their benefits—so they can maximize the power of those benefits to provide for their families.

That’s coming together with the launch of Benefitfocus BenefitsPlace, announced live at One Place 2018.

BenefitsPlace connects consumers, employers, brokers and insurance carriers on a single platform to provide greater choice and protection for consumers and their families.

Consumers get access to a complete set of industry-leading, innovative benefit products for every aspect of their well-being within a user-friendly, insight-driven shopping experience. 

Employers can design a benefits package with industry-leading products that give employees peace of mind that they're in control of their physical, financial and emotional well-being.

Brokers & Consultants work with BenefitsPlace advisors to optimize their clients' benefits strategy with high-quality products, tailored communication and a world-class enrollment experience that showcases the value they're bringing to their employees.

Carriers can offer products within a seamless shopping experience to more than 20 million consumers. With proven integration standards and automated data exchange, BenefitsPlace products can be implemented faster and more accurately.

Learn more about how BenefitsPlace provides a better benefits experience for consumers, employers, brokers and insurance carriers.