A Refresher Course in Onboarding 101

The first day of work can be nerve-wracking for new employees - and for HR departments. First impressions are important as new employees will make judgments based on the actions and procedures of their first day, and vice versa. To help set a positive tone on an employee's first day, it is important to create a successful onboarding program. According to a recent TLNT article, successful onboarding programs consist of three basic elements: participants, material and time frame.

Participants should be seasoned professionals who are able to deliver a clear and consistent message to new hires. Materials should include a detailed itinerary covering topics such as your company history, products and services, competition, department briefings and policies and procedures. Finally, just because an employee is hired, doesn't mean the recruiting process should stop. New hires need constant engagement and communication to help reduce employee turnover and to maintain employee satisfaction.

Other procedures that can be done to welcome a new employee include:

  • Assigning an associate to welcome the new employee and show him or her around the office
  • Sending out a welcome email to bring awareness to existing employees about the new hire
  • Setting up the new employee's work station to make sure it is properly functioning
  • Preparing a lunch with associates
  • Pre-ordering the new employee's business cards

Is it time to rethink how your organization welcomes its new hires?