Running a Balanced Employee Benefits Program with Flexible Technology

Employers are adding more choice in their employee benefits packages to accommodate today’s increasingly more geographically and demographically diverse workforces. Manual processes cannot effectively manage this level of benefits complexity. It puts your data integrity at risk and takes away a significant amount of time that could be allocated to more strategic goals such as optimizing plan design and controlling costs. While technology can significantly reduce manual labor, some systems can lock you into a technology that limits your ability to execute the appropriate benefits strategy for your workforce needs.

When New Balance expanded its 6-location manufacturing organization include retail stores across the country, the benefits team quickly realized its paper-based system was no longer practical. An online solution would allow them to operate more efficiently, but they were concerned that rigid technology specifications could limit the company’s ability to offer unique benefits features. Their concerns disappeared when they found an extensible cloud-based solution that gave them the flexibility they desired.

Learn how New Balance implemented a benefits management system that gave them the flexibility they needed to efficiently manage a robust employee benefits package.