Simple Benefits Enrollment? There's an App for That

Applications are the great equalizers of the digital age, bridging the gaps between technology and the user experience. When it comes to benefits enrollment, having the right software in place can be a huge advantage for your organization, especially if your workforce is spread across a diverse range of locales and runs on disparate schedules. Rather than desperately trying to coordinate a globally dispersed staff during administration season, give your employees the power to enroll on their own time and pick the insurance packages that best fit their individual needs.

Businesses large and small seek a solution

The Affordable Care Act has raised the bar for employers with regard to offering benefits and facilitating the enrollment process, and there is no better way to usher in a new era of HR management than by transitioning to a streamlined digital marketplace for your workforce. With the right solution on your side, your staff members will not only have a better understanding of their benefits outlooks, but also gain access to a greater selection of insurance options than were ever made available with traditional defined coverage systems.

Furthermore, this new generation of benefits management software is not difficult to integrate for your IT department. In fact, the pressure to set up and optimize the system is completely removed from internal tech teams, as cloud delivery methods have developed as the new standard of implementation. TalkinCloud recently pointed to a survey of more than 500 U.S. small business owners, commissioned by Microsoft for National Small Business Week, which revealed that 86 percent of respondents believed cloud services to be important to the overall success of their operations.

"These findings tell us a number of things: despite understanding how technology can have a significant impact on their companies, small businesses need cost effective, secure and reliable solutions that enable them to be productive from anywhere - and they have very little time to implement and manage those solutions," said Kirk Gregersen, general manager of Microsoft Office, according to the source.

Finding the right vendor for the job

Although you may have aspirations to upgrade your company's employee benefit systems, it can be tough to lock down a service provider on the same page with your goals. Be sure that when you finally take the leap, your vendor of choice is prepared to stick with your organization every step of the way and guide you toward a better benefits future.